A Spa-Cation at Hockley Valley Resort

Posted : August 31, 2021

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Is there any word in the English language that evokes a sense of ultimate relaxation more than the word spa? The very mention of it conjures scents of soothing botanicals, causes the muscles to melt and makes the heart sigh luxuriously. The spa is a place of rejuvenation—for the mind, body and soul. Everyone walks away from their spa experience a little happier, a little more at peace, and with their outlook on life a little more positive.

It should come as no surprise that, for my 40th birthday getaway staycation at Hockley Valley Resort, I indulged in a much-needed spa experience not once, not twice, but thrice! Three indulgent visits to Hockley’s 8,000 square foot spa facility for dedicated time that was all about me, me and me. With signature treatments, seasonal features and local vendors, Hockley’s spa is nothing less than sheer bliss.

Hockley-Valley Resort
Spa Pool

The spa at Hockley is the perfect escape close to home. You can enjoy wellness treatments designed just for you, and focus on self-care and mindfulness. You can even indulge during the week with one of Hockley’s customized mid-week spa escapes, which offers a new theme and different elements each month. Your experience at Hockley will, I am sure, be as unforgettable as mine. It was so unforgettable that I’m already starting to plan my next one!

Reading this post, you might assume that I am a pampered princess. While there is nothing wrong with being a princess and pampering yourself as much as you possibly can, that is not quite the case for me. At least not up until a few years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the idea of the spa. But I had never seemed to be able to justify the time. Like most people my age category, there is always something else that needs to get done, some sports practice, lesson or event that the kids need to be carted off to, someone else’s needs that are more pressing than mine. (Sound familiar, fellow quadragenarians?) So, while I was thrilled at the prospect of one day getting out to the spa, that “one day” seemed to be pushed farther and farther out as the years marched on.

I am happy to say that those days are in the past—especially now that I’ve hit the big Four-Oh! Father time is a-ticking, and I am now at the point in my life where I embrace the need to pamper myself. No one is going to do it for me, after all. So three treatments it was for my birthday getaway—two relaxation massages and a pedicure. I can confirm, for all those reading this post, that the spa facilities at Hockley Valley are as luxurious and magical as Hockley’s website describe them. All three of my treatment professionals were simply lovely. I felt as though they were completely dedicated, during each and every minute of my sessions, to my wellbeing and enjoyment of their expertise. I walked away from each appointment with a sense of revitalization… as well as a decadent box of bonbons from Succulent Chocolates and locally-made artisan soaps, which I simply had to purchase to commemorate my experience.

Spa Massage

After my spa escape and some peaceful time spent reading on the balcony adjoining the lounge, I descended to Babbo’s patio for a post-spa lunch. With the scent of botanicals wafting around me from my treatment, the gentle splashing of the poolside fountain, and the gorgeous summer warmth surrounding me, I can’t stress how heavenly it all was.

Spa Pool Patio

A note on covid regulations—Hockley Valley Spa is operating in adherence with all Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Health Department and provincial protocols. Guests are screened for contact tracing purposes, and safety precautions have been implemented that include (but are not limited to) eye protection, face masks and gloves for staff, face masks for guests, plexiglass station dividers and social distancing. You can be assured that your health and safety is as much of a priority as your rest and relaxation at the Hockley Valley Spa.

I was once a spa girl in theory. I am now a spa girl in practice. Life is still as hectic as it always was, and there are always other people to take care of, other things to worry about. At 40 years old, I have finally learned to add myself into my priorities—which includes an occasional spa experience like the one I enjoyed at Hockley Valley. It is never too early or too late to learn this valuable lesson, so get comfortable with pampering yourself now. The wonderful staff at Hockley Valley Spa are waiting for you, to help you focus on mindfulness, wellbeing and self-care.

Hockley Valley Resort

793522 3rd Line EHS, Mono


Story by Katherine Ryalen

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