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Posted : June 9, 2014

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I have an aunt who is directionally challenged and her creed while on the road is “when in doubt turn left”. The other day I was travelling west on Hwy 89 with my 13 year old son and we were nearing our planned left hand turn on to Hwy 10 to head south to Orangeville when the radio informed me that the south bound lanes were blocked. We were forced to continue onward towards Shelburne in search of an alternate route. It was at this point that we decided to employ my aunt’s philosophy and look for the next suitable left.
The left we chose was County Road 11. After a short ten minute ride we came across the oddest of sites –a giant silo decked out to look like a golf bag. Curiosity got the better of us so we made an emergency left turn on to County Road 10 and found ourselves in the parking lot of the Lynbrook Family Golf Centre.
Giant Golf Bag Statue
Further exploration revealed that Lynbrook was the home, not only of the world’s biggest golf bag, but a driving range, mini putt, practice chipping green and an 18-hole executive par 3 course. Like any self respecting golf junkies our clubs were in the trunk so off to the first tee we went.
What we discovered was a well crafted layout which offers any golfer, beginners and experts alike, a really fun experience. This par 3 design is routed over gently rolling terrain with generous landing areas and open spaces to accept the less than perfect approach shot from the beginner. However, the more accomplished golfer can still be tested for on many of the holes one of the three sets of tees serves up a challenging approach where successfully negotiating a hazard is required. Also, with distances ranging from 70 to 200 yards you will find yourself reaching for a different club on every tee.
In addition to the creative use of tee block placement Lynbrook has implemented a unique two cup system on each green. One cup is of the regulation 4.2 variety while the other is an oversized 8 inches in diameter. The purest can take aim at the traditional cup while those looking to hear the beautiful sound of a ball dropping in to the cup a little more often can take the larger option. The larger cup presents the beginner or novice player with greater opportunity for success which makes for a more enjoyable round.
Turtle Statue on Mini Putt Course
The focus is on family here. The wide open space of the property (you can see the entire course for the proshop), colourful mini-putt and picnic tables, from which to enjoy your post round ice cream, makes Lynbrook as comfortable as your neighbourhood park and just as suitable. The setup offers easy monitoring of children on any point of the property.
It took us a mere 58 minutes to navigate the 1445 yard course so it impacted travel time to our final destination negligibly. If you live in the Orangeville area, or simple passing through as we were, the six-minute detour off Hwy 10 to the Lynbrook Family Golf Centre is well worth your time. For the beginner or novice it is a great place to get hooked on the game and for the low handicap it is a great short iron workout (and the larger cups increase the odds of securing your first ace).
Golf Green and Bunkers Surrounded by Trees

Golf Course Stats:

Burgundy Tees: 1065 yards
Grey Tees: 1335 yards
Gold Tees: 1445 yards
Hole distance range: 70 to 200 yards

Lynbrook Family Golf Centre

285316 County Road 10
Amaranth, OnL9W 0Z1
Phone: 519-942-2154
Written by Alistair Orr
Editor/Publisher of On The Tee magazine and Director of Golf for the BAGS Junior Golf Tour.

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