The Animal's Gift

Posted : December 12, 2013

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This has been a hard few weeks for everyone at the Bowmanville Zoo with the loss of Limba, the 50 year old Asian elephant who had been a part of the zoo for generations. So it was with a heavy heart that everyone gathered for Media night at the zoo for the first showing of The Animals Gift, this past Friday night.
The Animal Gift is a great production that brings together animal and man. It made me think of what it would have been like to like to of been an animal so many years ago.
Before the show began there was a sweet tribute to Limba.
There were 3 new acts that I loved. The welsh ponies are always something to see. I had to laugh at the Baboons and their tricks.
Then it was time for an element of magic to the night. It was quiet the feat as a young woman disappeared and was replaced by a big black cat.
Now that black cat, a wild animal and the domestic barn cat were the next performers and I had to say the big cat/ little cat act was my favourite of the night.
Then there was one of the only 2 performing bison there are in the world. Who knew? I sure didn’t before I saw the show.
Now even though everyone is still grieving the loss of Limba, The Animals Gift went on, and will be going on in Bowanville every weekend in December and you can purchase tickets here. It is a great family show that celebrates the best in man and animal at this very special season.

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