Best Places for Families to Golf in York Durham Headwaters

Posted : September 26, 2017

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Chelsea Chicken shares best Family Friendly golf courses
They say that practice makes perfect. When it comes to golf, that is certainly true. To avoid laying an egg on the course, it takes lots of practice. The persistence pays off in golf, a lesson that I love to share with my little chicks. As the golf expert in York Durham Headwaters, I have seen how golf is a sport that the whole family can play together. Golf leaves a lot of time for conversation; it gives you a chance to ask your kids about their friends, school, or hobbies.
Fortunately, there are courses across York Durham Headwaters that provide an excellent family golf experience. Whether you are at home or are on a family vacation in YDH, there is always a course around to play. Plus, It is perfect sport for old hens and young chicks – an activity for all ages! My only warning: remember all those times that you said you made an amazing shot? Well, with your family on the greens with you, you have to back it up. I am talking from experience, none of my chicks believed me when I said that I got the hole-in-one during a round that I played by myself.
I have already shared the family fun to be had at Cardinal Golf Club and Shelburne Golf and Country Club, so here are three other family friendly courses in York Durham Headwaters.

Bathurst Glen

Family Friendly Night time golfing at Bathurst Glen Golf Course
Photo Credit: Bathurst Glen
You remember loving golf as a child, now you share that passion with your family. Bathurst Glen, in Richmond Hill, offers great golfing options for you and your family. They have created a variety of golf packages to make it easy to golf with your kids. Kids play free after twilight with every paid adult, every day of the week. If you just want to get out and hit some balls at the driving range, you get a free small bucket of balls with a purchase of one large bucket.
Want to add a heart-racing adventure to your golfing experience? They partner with Treetop Trekking at Bruce’s Mill for a golf and zipline package. It makes a perfect full-day family experience.
Their family course is certainly a course within a course! The tees are set based on the average carry distance of each golfer, so even smaller children can play with confidence. Bathurst Glen truly does offer a fun-filled, challenging round of golf, no matter what your level of play. For adults, it is a great course to practice their short game and is perfect for some iron focus.

Lynbrook Family Golf Centre

The party bus at Lynbrook Golf centre
Photo by: Lynbrook Family Golf Centre
Lynbrook is the home of the of the world’s biggest golf bag – so you know it is a place for family fun! It presents a fun day of golf at great value. A family of four can golf for only $60! Their 9-hole course features a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for your family outings. Each hole offers two cups on the green; one cup is of the regulation 4.2” variety, while the other is an oversized 8” in diameter, allowing for younger players to build confidence in their putting game.
The par 3 course is easily completed in about an hour and a half, leaving the rest of the day open for a round of mini golf on the 18-hole course or a visit to the driving range. At Lynbrook you’ll find fun treats like ice cream or a snack on their patio. There’s no need to leave the family-dog at home, they are pet friendly! If you want to leave the clubs at home, you can try a round of foot golf too. If your son or daughter really, really loves golf (good parenting BTW), you can throw a birthday at Lynbrook too.

Foxbridge Golf Club

Boys at Foxbridge Golf Course
Photo by: Foxbridge Golf Club
This friendly and scenic golf course makes for a fun-filled family day. Located in Uxbridge, Foxbridge is an 18-hole course with a driving range. The course is well laid out and easy for a novice to navigate. After a round of golf, visit Scrambles Restaurant. They offer an extensive kids’ menu, making it a perfect destination for families.
If your kids are into video games, the golf simulator is lots of fun. It picks up not only distance and trajectory but also fades/slices and draws/hooks with accuracy, so they can see any improvements in their game. It is a fun way to spend a couple of hours.

These five courses make sharing your love of golf with your family easy. Not only do they present great golf courses, they also add some fun extras to make it a full family fun experience. If you are looking for a day with the friends on the links or a PGA-style experience, you’re in luck, I wrote about them here and here. Now, it’s time for me to go gather the chicks and hit the links. Until next time, happy golfing!

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