ClearWater Farm is Open for Online Fun

Posted : May 11, 2021

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ClearWater Farm is an educational farm located in Georgina. They give kids the opportunity to get their hands dirty gardening, their boots muddy exploring the natural world, and their young minds excited by fresh food, fresh water, fresh air, and fresh ideas. Their farm is abuzz with activities: ClearWater hosts school trips, camps and kids programs; they sell fabulously fresh food; and the community is making their barn into a hub for the arts, and a place where everyone can share what they learn.

More than a Website

ClearWater recently launched – Nature-based learning for kids. ClearWater Kids is an interactive website for hands-on learning and fun where kids can discover ways to take positive action for a more sustainable future. It’s incredibly well put together, easy to navigate and SO MUCH FUN! Visitors can expect eco-tips, watch videos fresh from the real farm, tackle challenges, try hands-on activities, play games, and – best of all – follow prompts that lead them outside to uncover the wonders of nature for themselves. It’s also the home of Potato the Chicken!


The Farm


Fun Facts

Potato the Chicken


Potato Chase game
Potato Peel


Real Farm


Frog Jump


Passport Chicken

More than Fun and Games

Being connected to nature is essential for kids’ growth and well-being, especially in this digital age where the allure of screens and devices is so strong. ClearWater’s approach is to use digital tools to engage kids and motivate them to head outdoors and apply what they have experienced virtually to real-world surroundings. Now get outside kids!

If you want to learn more about ClearWater Farm, visit article below.

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