Forget Me Not Alpacas

Embrace the Coziness of Snüg-Flaking this Winter with Luxurious Alpaca Fleece

Bundle up, because here in York Durham Headwaters, we’re in for a lot of winter. But that’s not a bad thing; in fact, we love a good Winter Wonderland. It’s true that not everyone enjoys winter the same way, but one thing we do all have in common is that we love nothing better than to get snuggly when—baby—it’s cold outside.

We’re inviting you to embrace Snüg-Flaking this season… What’s that? You’ve never heard of Snüg-Flaking before? Oh, then you’re in for a treat! Snüg-Flaking is all about immersing yourself in shared adventures and comforting activities, and savoring cherished moments amidst the beauty of nature. Find solace in inviting, relaxing, and serene spaces, embracing a soulful journey that rejuvenates the spirit. Challenge both body and mind on slopes and trails, and revel in the harmony of health and happiness found in life’s simple pleasures.

Well, there is no simple pleasure greater than snuggling up under luxuriously soft blankets, bundling yourself with impossibly silky mittens and hats, and surrounding yourself with super luxurious natural fleece products to keep the cold at bay.

Not just any fleece, though—we’re inviting you to embrace Snüg-Flaking this winter with alpaca fleece!

Forget Me Not Alpacas

The lovely, luxurious alpaca

Ah, the majestic alpaca. Is there any animal more adorable? These gentle, social creatures enjoy a long and revered history, and even today their wool is highly prized for its exquisite texture.

To really get a sense of how amazing alpaca wool is, you need to know how amazing ancient peoples thought it was way back when. As far back as 6,000 years ago! It was so precious that the tribal populations of South America reserved it for royal use only. In fact, they even used to call alpaca fibre the “Fibre of the Gods.”

The Moche people of Northern Peru often used alpacas in their art, and even mummified them when they passed as they would a beloved family member. It is thought that alpacas descended from their wild ancestors, the vicuña, and have always been domesticated. But wherever they came from, there is no denying that the modern alpaca is stinkin’ cute, and we understand today why the ancient peoples of South America so cherished and revered them thousands of years ago. Here are a few more fun facts about alpacas and their super-soft wool:

Forget Me Not Alpacas

They are gentle on the environment – Because they have padded feet instead of hooves, alpacas have a minimal impact on grazing areas, which helps prevent soil erosion. They also nip the tops of the grass in their pastures, rather than ripping it up from the roots like other grazing animals, which further protects pastures. Alpacas are known for their efficient digestion, which means they produce relatively little methane compared to other livestock.

Paca-Poo is a great fertilizer – Because this black gold doesn’t have the same components as other livestock feeders like cows and horses, it does not need to be aged or composted before use. You can spread these lil’ nutrient-dense pellets directly onto your garden plants without burning them!

Alpaca fleece is hypoallergenic – If you’ve never had the pleasure of holding alpaca yarn in your hands, then you’re in for a treat. To start with, alpaca wool, also called fleece, is quite different than the wool that comes from sheep. Sheep’s wool contains lanolin, which coats the wool fibres and helps protect the animal from the elements. Alpaca fleece, on the other hand, does not, which brings down the itch-and-rash factor to practically zero!

It’s a powerhouse at protection – Did you know that alpaca wool is three times warmer than sheep’s wool, and almost seven times stronger? Because it consists of natural scale-like layers, which allows the light to pass through it, it has a luxurious, glossy look to it. But don’t let that delicate look fool you, it is no lightweight when it comes to protection. This mighty fibre is flame resistant – up to 100% according to some experts. It is also water and moisture resistant thanks to the nature of the fibre’s core.

It comes in a range of natural colours – There are a wide range of shades that alpaca fleece comes in. In fact, there are over two hundred, from black and white to silver and beige, and even a spectrum of peaches. When made into threads, this natural diversity of colour creates wool in a stunning variety of hues.

But how do we get the fleece from the alpaca?

Here in YDH, we have a few alpaca farms that we think you’ll love. There is Haute Goat in Port Hope (just outside of Durham Region), and Forget Me Not Alpacas in Beaverton, owned and operated by Sandra Bannon and her family. Sandra loved alpacas so much, in fact, that she and her husband gave up their suburban lives to move to the rural Durham countryside and become alpaca farmers. To them, their herd is like their family. Each alpaca has a name and a distinct personality, and is treasured just as much as these heartwarming creatures were six thousand years ago.

When it comes to harvesting the wool, shearing is done annually. “Once a year we shear them for about twenty minutes, but for the rest of the year they are pretty much on their own, enjoying a good life,” Sandra says. When the hair has grown to a certain length, it is clipped off typically in one large mat The short fibre will then be sorted according to its texture, carded to remove of any seeds, burs, dirt or other debris, and then either dyed and spun, or spun in its natural shade.

Shearing at ForgetMeNot Alpacas

“The funniest part of shearing is when newly shorn alpacas are let back into their pen,” Sandra adds. “Everyone has to sniff and check everyone else, like, ‘Is that you?’ And the most interesting thing is when you shear a young animal and find something unexpected. Sometimes the outside does not match the inside!”

Invoke Snüg-Flaking this winter with alpaca products—here’s how:

We invite you to bundle up with cozy items from Forget Me Not Alpacas and Haute Goat such as knitted hats, headbands, mitts, scarves and socks. Bring alpaca wool into your home in other ways with insoles for your boots, dryer balls for your laundry, duvets for your bed, and even batts and wool to make your own yarn and knit products. They’ll be perfect while you explore Snüg-Flakingconcepts like:

Serenap: represents the tranquil spaces where individuals seek rest and rejuvenation. It’s the cozy nook in a glamping site, luxury spa, or resort where visitors can unwind and find solace, often by a crackling fireplace, encouraging peaceful contemplation and relaxation. Rest and rejuvenation while snuggled up with some luxury alpaca products sounds blissful to us. And speaking of bliss…

Blissplore: captures the enjoyment found in activities like skating on outdoor rinks, celebrating the art of movement and the sheer delight of gliding through a frosty wonderland. It invites individuals to appreciate the beauty of winter while indulging in the joyous exploration of wintry activities, surrounded by the seasonal charm of the environment. With alpaca wool being three times warmer and seven times stronger than sheep’s wool (not to mention moisture resistant), you’ll experience the joy of our YDH Winter Wonderland, not the cold. And finally…

Unplugzest: involves stepping away from digital devices that tether us to things beyond the current moment, allowing genuine connections with loved ones. By being present and free from these distractions, it cultivates deeper appreciation of surroundings, enriching experiences and fostering meaningful interactions with family and friends in the present. Did we mention that you can book a farm tour and your very own photo shoot at Forget Me Not Alpacas? Or an alpaca walk at Haute Goat? We’re sure an up-close-and-personal experience with these majestic creatures will bring you such joy that you’ll forget all about your phone.

Forget Me Not Alpacas

So, what are you waiting for? Make your winter all about Snüg-Flakingthis year, with Forget Me Not Alpacas, Haute Goat, and your very own cozy alpaca products.

Forget Me Not Alpacas
1595 Concession 3, RR2
Beaverton, L0K 1A0

Haute Goat
1166 5th Line
Port Hope, L0A 1J0

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