Everything You Need To Know About “Glamping”

Posted : August 5, 2014

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Glamping, or glamourized camping, has become extremely popular in Ontario’s Central Counties, and for good reason. Many Toronto residents looking to experience nature while still taking advantage of basic modern conveniences like running water and electricity are much more attracted to the glamping experience
over traditional camping.

Now, this is not to say that glamping is as cost effective as basic camping. Costs are typically about the same as staying in a nice hotel, but the experience can be quite amazing.
Glamping sites vary greatly in terms of what they offer, with some simply providing a tent or cabin with beds and electricity, and others including things like an onsite chef, a Jacuzzi, or even massage therapy. If you think glamping might be right for you, check out some of the great locations in the Central Counties that offer a glamorized camping experience!

Albion Hills Conservation Area
The Albion Hills Conservation Area is a great glamping option for anyone near Toronto looking to get back to nature. Located about an hour from downtown, this breathtaking conservation area provides trailer rentals, along with a variety of other amenities. Guests can enjoy hot showers, wireless internet, and swim in a pool that overlooks Lake Albion. Those looking to maximize their outdoor experience can enjoy fishing, paddling, mountain biking, hiking, and more onsite. The area is very family friendly, and families with young kids can take advantage of the great children’s area. For more info on the Albion Hills Conservation Area, take a look at their website.
Ponderosa Campground
The Ponderosa Campground is another fantastic option for families in Toronto looking for a glamping experience that’s close to home. About an hour drive from downtown, this great location provides 2 bedroom cottages and camping cabins for those who choose not to bring their own tent or trailer. Other amenities include a campsite pool, Wi-Fi, laundry, a beach volleyball court, and horseshoe pits. You can check out their website for more info!
Glamping might not be for everyone, and if you’re looking for a more traditional camping trip to unplug yourself, there are certainly many options in Central Counties region that provide a more rustic experience. Try out the Map & Search feature in the top right corner of our website to see all of the amazing campgrounds in Central Counties. Happy Camping!

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