Lucy Maud Montgomery & the Central Counties Connection

Posted : August 9, 2013

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PEI immediately comes to mind when one thinks of Lucy Maud Montgomery – a famous Canadian author best known for her Anne of Green Gables series. Prince Edward Island is where she was born and raised and is the setting for the majority of her novels.
Unbeknownst to many, including myself, Lucy Maud Montgomery, also has an Ontario connection.
Maud of Leaskdale The Manse
She spent 15 years (1911 – 1926) in Leaskdale, a small farming village just north of Uxbridge, raising her family and writing 11 books – including the rest of the Anne books and the Emily of New Moon series.
My husband and I drove up to Leaskdale last weekend to see Maud’s home and to catch Maud of Leaskdale presented by the Lucy Maud Montgomery Society of Ontario.

Maud of Leaksdale Drive

The drive to Uxbridge was a relaxing and beautiful one.
Returning for its second season, Jennifer Caroll who plays Maud recreates the years she spent in Leaskdale in this one woman play.
Based on her journals, Maud of Leaksdale is a moving play that offers an inside look at the Canadian author’s life – the highs, the lows and the struggles.
Maud of Leaskdale Historic Church
While we sat in the pews watching and listening, I had tears in my eyes as Maud mourned her stillborn child and laughed out loud as she described the people she met in Leaskdale and the neighbouring town, Zephyr – acquaintances, not friends.
About Maud of Leaskdale and The Leaskdale Manse
Maud of Leaskdale plays June 20 – August 25, Thursday evenings starting at 7:30 PM and Saturday and Sunday at 3:00 PM at The Historic Leaskdale Church.
Maud of Leaskdale is just under 2 hours long and is a relaxing way to spend a Thursday night or weekend afternoon.
The gift shop located in the basement of the church has several of her books on display as well as scrapbooks and items from during her time in Leaskdale.
The Leaskdale Manse (Maud’s family’s home) became a National Historic Site in 1997.
Visitors are invited to explore the fully restored home which is located across the street from the church.
Experience the Life of Lucy Maud Montgomery
Calling all Lucy Maud Montgomery fans!
Maud of Leaskdale JenniferIf you are interested in the ultimate Lucy Maud Montgomery Leaskdale experience, consider booking the Maud of Leaskdale package.
Offered on August 15 or 22 only, this package includes:

  • Tour of the site with a local guide
  • Victorian luncheon tea
  • Performance of Maud of Leaskdale with renowned actress Jennifer Caroll
  • Q&A session with creator and director Conrad Boyce

Click here for more information about the Maud of Leaskdale package.
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