Meet the Maker: Brandon DiMonte

Posted : July 26, 2018

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Did you know that Last Straw Distillery’s Brandon DiMonte is one of the youngest head distillers in Ontario?

At 23 years of age, Brandon has already been distilling for over two years. His keen nose and sense of taste have led the development of Last Straw’s Gin Twenty-One. The spirit got its name because it was the 21st formulation Brandon tried! In 2018, the delicious blend of citrus, juniper and aromatics was awarded the gold medal at the Canadian Artisan Spirit competition.

Last Straw Gin Twenty-One

As well as crafting award-winning gin, Brandon and the micro-distillery’s tight-knit team are aging whiskey and making fine local moonshine, rum and vodka, which are available in select YDH bars and restaurants.

Visitors to Last Straw Distillery are always keen to try moonshine. One of Last Straw’s most popular is Darker Side of the Moonshine, which sold out of its first batch in just four months! A classic recipe that tastes a little like a light bourbon, Darker Side of the Moonshine is outstanding sipped on its own or over ice.

Last Straw Moonshine

For a summer cocktail, Brandon recommends the Jasmine Gin-Ger Tea – a smooth concoction made up of jasmine green tea, mixed with ginger beer and Gin Twenty-One. We liked it so much, we’re including the recipe below!

But before you make the cocktail, be sure to visit Last Straw Distillery to pick up a fine bottle of Gin Twenty-One! While you’re there, ask for a tour and sample the distillery’s fine range of local spirits.

Jasmine Gin-Ger Tea

  • Pour the following ingredients into a tumbler:

    • 1.5 oz. Last Straw Distillery Gin Twenty-One

    • 2 oz. Jasmine Green Tea

  • Shake well over ice.

  • Pour into a cocktail glass.

  • Top with 1 oz. ginger beer.

  • Garnish with a slice of dried grapefruit.

  • Sip, savour, enjoy (responsibly).

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