The Official Guide To Getting Off The Grid

Posted : November 19, 2014

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What is the grid? The grid is the office. The grid is the classroom. The grid is bills, and homework, and being stuck in traffic. The grid is necessary, but every once and awhile it is crucially important to get off the grid and seek the untamed natural world that awaits. Getting of the grid is a liberating experience filled with new adventures, raw exploration, and enjoyable outdoor activities. Ontario’s Central Counties is the perfect location to escape the monotonies of your daily commute or weekly grind in the office, and simply get away! The grid may seem very tempting. People find themselves being drawn into it and resisting removal. That is why we have provided the official guide to getting off the grid. Follow these steps and you will be off and going in no time.

STEP 1: Decide to start being awesome. 

This is a crucial turning point in anyone’s life. It usually involves an emphatic stomp of the fist, a bold cry or exclamatory statement, and a zealous stare high into the sky. Getting off the grid is one of the most awesome things you can do. With outdoor adventure like boating, cycling, and fishing, your awesomeness will be hard to contain as you conquer the great outdoors. Anyone can be awesome. All you have to do is get outside and live it!

STEP 2: Swiftly turn off and place down cell phone. 

Immediately following this step you may experience feelings of confusion, disconnection, and even fear. Do not worry. These feelings are temporary. In fact, successful completion of step 2 begins the process of being found, truly connected, and fearless. Cell phones have a habit of keeping people grounded. Escaping your phone will allow you to get off the grid and explore the world around you. Besides, speeding down a lake in a motorboat is not the best place for a cell phone anyway. There’s much more to see in life then the latest app of the day.

STEP 3: Choose an activity in Ontario’s Central Counties 

Choose one of the many activities in Ontario’s Central Counties to start your adventure. Cycling is a great activity to see the changing landscape and get some exercise along the way. Ontario’s Central Counties is your oyster with several exciting bike trails to help you pedal into the freedom of nature. Hiking is another activity that will have you surmounting challenge, experiencing nature, and escaping the congestion of society. There are many trails with lots to see, but try making your own path and see where it takes you!

STEP 4: Grab the whole family or some pals and make a weekend of it! 

Adventure is always better with great people by your side. Show the family how getting off the grid is the best way to connect and have fun with one another. Teach your kids that beating their high score in rock climbing is more rewarding then in their video game! Getting off the grid will make memories that last forever with the ones you care about the most. Reserve a couple nights in a hotel to put the cherry on top of this epic getaway.

STEP 5: Return next weekend and do it all over.

Okay, this may not have been the official guide to getting off the grid, but it certainly provides an encouraging nudge to get out there and have some fun! Adventure awaits in Ontario’s Central Counties. Start being awesome and come explore today!

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