The Outdoors is Waiting: The Ultimate First Date Ideas

Posted : October 28, 2014

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First dates are a mixed bag of new feelings all colliding into each other at once. They can be nerve-racking, but mostly fun and exciting. When it comes to first date ideas, many hopeful romantics default back to the classic dinner and movie. Change it up! The best first dates are in the great outdoors. Activity and fresh air spawns conversation and connection. Let Ontario’s Central Counties play cupid with some of our amazing first date ideas. 

Go boating, canoeing, or kayaking! Your mind always seems a little bit clearer while on the water. A canoe ride is the perfect place to open up about yourself and really get to know your date. The conversation will flow fast like the water, easing tensions and creating lasting first impressions. Great memories are made out on the water. Make your first date something to smile about. 

Go cycling! An active date is a happy date. Activity releases endorphins in your brain making you feel happier. Cycling is a great way to make your first date exciting and adventurous. Ontario’s Central Counties has all kinds of trails for different skill levels. Pedal your way into their heart by showing them all the fun they could have if a second date rolls around. Too many puns? Keep your first date in motion by hopping on that bike.

Go fishing! It is true, there are many fish in the sea, but just maybe the one you want is sitting right beside you. Nobody can argue that fishing is peaceful. Fishing can also be useful to provide the perfect first date test of whether you can stand this persons company for an extended period of time. If at any point you contemplate how far the swim to shore is, maybe this person is not right for you. Either way, you’ll gain a lot from your time fishing. Implement this effective first date test on your next outing.

Go hiking! Hiking should be regarded as the new first date go-to. It delivers everything a first date should. Exploring nature together will promote an instant connection and the scenic backdrop will provide for endless conversation. Discover new trails. Get off the well-travelled road and set down the path of what could be a long and wonderful relationship! Try Uxbridge, considered to be the Trail Capital of Canada, as your hiking destination to fully get away and see it all!

Ontario’s Central Counties has your first date covered. Hey, perhaps a second and third date too. Get outside and have a first date that you will actually want to look back on. Plan something fun this weekend!

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