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Principles of Snüg-Flaking

Now some of you may have heard of the practice of Hygge, which is like a cozy hug for your soul—it’s a Danish word that captures the feeling of warmth, comfort, and contentment. It’s all about creating a cozy atmosphere, enjoying the simple things in life, like lighting candles, snuggling in blankets, sipping hot cocoa, and spending quality time with loved ones. Hygge is about finding joy in the little moments and embracing a sense of peace and coziness in your surroundings. It’s like wrapping yourself in a blanket of happiness!

In York Durham Headwaters (YDH), we’ve evolved the cozy concept of Hygge into our own special version: Snüg-Flaking. We’ve reimagined coziness and comfort, infusing it with our unique Canadian spirit. Snüg-Flaking embodies the essence of finding happiness and contentment by embracing the distinctive experiences found within our regions. We encourage everyone to bring a piece of YDH into their homes, fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere that reflects our Canadian charm. After all, Canadians have a knack for doing things differently, and in our opinion, making them better—especially when it comes to creating a snug and comforting haven within our homes.

In order to practice Snüg-Flaking, you need to embrace its principles to truly find joy and happiness…

Snowprise Appreciation

Snowprise (Appreciation): Snowprise encapsulates the joy of embracing winter’s beauty, often experienced through activities like snowshoeing, winter hikes, or cross-country skiing in scenic places like trails, conservation parks, or resorts. It fosters appreciation by creating connections among participants through shared experiences amidst the enchanting winter landscape.

Serenap Rest

Serenap (Rest): Serenap represents the tranquil spaces where individuals seek rest and rejuvenation. It’s the cozy nook in a glamping site, luxury spa, or resort where visitors can unwind and find solace, often by a crackling fireplace, encouraging peaceful contemplation and relaxation.

Unplugzest Disconnect

Unplugzest (Disconnect): Unplugzest involves stepping away from digital devices that tether us to things beyond the current moment, allowing genuine connections with loved ones. By being present and free from these distractions, it cultivates deeper appreciation of surroundings, enriching experiences and fostering meaningful interactions with family and friends in the present.


Blissplore (Enjoying): Blissplore captures the enjoyment found in activities like skating on outdoor rinks, celebrating the art of movement and the sheer delight of gliding through a frosty wonderland. It invites individuals to appreciate the beauty of winter while indulging in the joyous exploration of wintry activities, surrounded by the seasonal charm of the environment.


CozyCradle (Comfort): CozyCradle symbolizes the comforting space at home that celebrates the simple pleasures of winter, such as homemade pies, stews, hot beverages, and moments of quiet reflection. It’s about finding warmth and solace in the coziness of one’s own sanctuary, embracing the simple yet comforting experiences of the season.


Warmthrove (Warmth): Warmthrove embodies the communal gathering around outdoor fires, wrapped in blankets, fostering warmth not just from the flames but also from shared stories and camaraderie. It represents the cozy and communal nature of fireside gatherings, creating a space for shared warmth and connection during the winter season.


Aprèsphere (Après Everything): Aprèsphere captures the essence of the post-activity experience, whether it’s cozy pubs, wine tastings, cafés, or corners with books purchased from specific locations. It signifies indulging in comfortable gatherings filled with laughter, good food, and shared adventures, creating a warm ambiance and a space for post-activity relaxation and enjoyment.


Striveforge (Embracing Challenge): Striveforge embodies the intentional pursuit of challenging oneself, be it through physical or mental endeavours, in order to appreciate the gratification that comes from perseverance and hard work. This practice is evident in activities like downhill skiing, fat biking, ice fishing, and indoor climbing, where individuals actively seek challenges to experience the satisfaction of overcoming hurdles and enjoying the fruits of their efforts.


Hibercaving (Simple Pleasures): Hibercaving is the art of crafting a cozy cave-like space within your home, fostering a sanctuary that honours and reveres the simple joys of winter. It’s a haven that celebrates homemade delights, indulges in the warmth of hot beverages, and encourages moments of tranquil reflection. Hibercaving emphasizes the sheer happiness discovered in life’s uncomplicated yet deeply comforting experiences, creating a serene retreat within the familiarity of one’s home.

Craftsoulism Art

Craftsoulism (Art): Craftsoulism embodies the profound practice of not just appreciating but revering the craftsmanship and artistry of others. This practice thrives in theatres, artist studios, museums, galleries, and concerts, where individuals immerse themselves in the soulful expressions of various art forms. It emphasizes not only the aesthetic beauty but also the heartfelt dedication and skill invested by artisans and performers, creating an intimate connection between the audience and the creators’ craft.

Download this beautifully illustrated poster so you can practice the art of Snüg-Flaking!

Snugflaking Principles

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