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Pumpkins: The Secret Ingredient

Posted : August 18, 2020

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Let’s cook with pumpkins! Fall is a great season for visiting the farm, checking out local farmers markets, and of course, picking and eating fresh pumpkins. A staple to any fall recipe book has to be the tasty and versatile pumpkin. With limitless options, the pumpkin is the secret ingredient to any fall meal. To give you some cooking ideas here are a few pumpkin recipes guaranteed to satisfy the taste buds. 

Step 1: Pick your pumpkins before they’re all gone!

Whittamore Farms Pumpkin Patch

Find the perfect pumpkin patch in York Durham Headwaters, we’ve rounded-up a few selections to get you started.

Keep in mind that due to COVID-19 precautions, some of the activities may not be fully available, as well, you may need to purchase tickets online – make sure you check the locations website for more information to ensure a safe visit for all.

Step 2: Get cooking with some tasty pumpkin recipes

Pumpkin Pie
  1. Pumpkin Soup
    Nobody likes to accept it, but the weather is getting colder. Those hot nights of summer have come and gone and pumpkin soup is the perfect remedy! A wonderful appetizer for any meal, this classic recipe will have your guests savouring every slurp. If you ask us, pumpkins were practically made for soup. Embrace the season and indulge in some delicious pumpkin soup.
  2. Pumpkin and Rocket Salad
    Now we’re getting real healthy! Pumpkin is the kick that any salad needs. This great recipe shows that you can take your health seriously, but not in sacrifice of your taste buds. Impress your  guests this season by serving up a plate of “living well” with a side of deliciousness.
  3. Chunky Pumpkin Chili
    Chunky pumpkin chili will be the most charming dish at the table. With its fresh aroma and pleasant warmth, pumpkin chili is a sure fire way bring guests together. If you are looking for a hearty meal to enjoy with family, there is nothing better then a hot bowl of chili, pumpkin style!
  4. Pumpkin Fettuccine Alfredo
    You’ll be looking at pumpkin in a whole new way. Taking the gourd beyond the appetizer and dessert menu, we welcome our orange friend to the entrée game. The pumpkin taste compliments pasta beautifully and gives the fettuccine an extra zest. This pumpkin fettuccine Alfredo will have them coming back for seconds.
  5. Classic Pumpkin Pie
    This is certainly a classic. Everyone loves pumpkin pie. The two words just fit so swimmingly beside each other. Pumpkin pie is the pinnacle of fall deserts and the grand finale of any great meal. We appropriately left this classic pumpkin creation for last, because it will most likely be served for dessert as one final treat. Although, you are free to enjoy pumpkin pie any time. We encourage it!

Psst…the secret is out: it’s pumpkin. Happy cooking!

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