Sheldon Creek Dairy

Posted : May 5, 2020

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What started in 1953 with the purchase of a cow named Maggie has today become Sheldon Creek Dairy, where milk is crafted from the Den Haan family’s Holstein herd into wholesome milk products. These products, along with other tasty treats and locally-produced goods, are available at the farm’s on-site market. For those customers who live with the digestive difficulties that lactose can cause, Sheldon Creek Dairy produces pure A2 milk, which does not have the A1 version of beta-casein that inflames intolerance in humans. The dairy also has a voluntary milking system, which means cows can milk themselves when they feel like it. Want to see where the milk magic happens? The Den Haan family invites you to take a tour to experience the sights, sounds and smells of a real working dairy farm.

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