The Many Experiences Of The Chopstick Walk

Posted : April 1, 2015

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Looking to dive head first into a fascinating cultural experience filled with new tastes, sights, and activities? The Chopstick Walk happening in Ontario’s Central Counties is the perfect opportunity to try many Asian inspired dishes, catch an incredible show, and even learn for yourself how to make a delicious creation. There are many experiences of The Chopstick Walk to take in and you must do it all! These are some of the great things you can see, taste, and do:

-Sampling: Treat your taste buds to something you’ve never tried and you may discover a new favourite dish. Instead of enjoying one large meal, sampling allows you to try a variety of dishes in small portions to better broaden your palette’s horizons. The beauty of food is that the possibilities are endless and the Asian culture features so many unique must-tries!

  • Elegant Chinese Cuisine has created a Price Fixed 5 Course Sampling Menu especially for The Chopstick Walk. This award-winning restaurant makes an eye-popping Dim Sum and will certainly have you coming back for seconds.

-Hands-On: There is no better way to immerse yourself into a new culture then getting hands-on and learning by doing! The Chopstick Walk includes great activities and workshops to help you take something away from your cultural experience. Practice self-improvement and take your experience one step further.

  • Petits Chefs Academy- Sushi Workshop Adults 18+: Everyone loves sushi and now you can learn to make your own. Become a sushi connoisseur and impress your friends the next time you have them over for dinner.
  • Tea Appreciation Event: Tea is an important beverage in Asian culture and can be brewed and enjoyed many different ways. At the Tea Appreciation Event learn how to brew a variety of teas and all the benefits they provide.

Many more hands-on activities to enjoy!
-Face-Changing Performance: Anything with the name ‘face-changing’ in it, is definitely a can’t miss show. Every Wednesday at Dragon Legend there is a Chinese Traditional Face Change Performance that will leave you in awe. And how does a magical show like this become even better? While you watch, feast on the delicious buffet and delight all your senses. This is undoubtedly going to be a night to remember.
-Traditional Cooking Experiences: Take your dining experience to the next level with exhilarating traditional cooking styles from the Eastern Pacific Rim. You will be amazed at how fun cooking can become and if you’re feeling really brave, you can even try for yourself! From Korean BBQ to Japanese Teppenyaki, watch these cooking styles transform the art of preparing food.

  • Teppenyaki at Akasaka Japanese Restaurant: For anyone that has not had the chance to experience Teppenyaki, this is your time. It allows you to become involved in the cooking process and watch your food prepared before your eyes. You can’t help but smile because the chef’s energy is contagious.

There is so much to experience at The Chopstick Walk and something fun for everyone. Sample new foods, learn how to prepare Asian dishes, catch an amazing show, and get wisped away by the showmanship of your personal Teppenyaki chef. Come out to Ontario’s Central Counties and make your own memories at The Chopstick Walk. Guaranteed to be a great time and sure to provide lasting memories!

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