10 Things to Do in Historic Orangeville

Next time you find yourself itching for a mini road trip to a place you’ve never been before, Orangeville will hit the spot. What’s better than discovering hidden gems in your own province? Voted the top street in Canada, Downtown Orangeville has it all. Take a tour of Broadway – the Canadian way! Here are 10 things to do in historic downtown Orangeville.
1. For history buffs, the Broadway Medians in Downtown Orangeville will have you appreciating Canadian history. Designed by landscaping students from Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, the 3 medians weave a tale of the history of the town. To greet you stands Orange Lawrence, the town founder. Orange Lawrence, Orangeville – get it?
Statue of Orange Lawrence in Downtown Orangeville
2. The central median is an old clock tower, because let’s be honest, is a historical town really a historical town without a clock tower? The marble timepiece weighs about 2,000 pounds – talk about the weight of time!
Old Clock Tower in Downtown Orangeville
3. The last median is a waterfall feature, with water falling in four directions to represent Orangeville’s place as the headwaters of a four-way river system. The waterwheel represents the town’s milling history and its original energy source.
waterwheel in downtown orangeville
4. Sweet tooth, beware! Wicked Shortbread is just that…wicked. Handmade, artisanal, and made with local ingredients, you definitely won’t be getting the short end of the stick…bread? Basically, it’s really good.
Store Front of Wicked Shortbread
5. If you’re looking for a curated home design experience, visit Genesis Interiors & Home Decor. Not only will you find a complete suite of decorating services for homes and estates, but also giftware, including equestrian gifts, original art, fabric, accessories, and furniture.
Decor Items at Genesis Interiors & Home Decor
6. The leftover Valentine’s Day sugar high has us craving sweets. Thankfully, Son of a Chef is top notch and with a wide variety. Come for a hot meal and stay for dessert – Red Velvet cupcakes anyone?
Tray of Cupcakes made by Son of a Chef
7. Nails done, hair did. Check out Flaunt Salon for your hair and esthetic services. Not only do they guarantee good hair days, they provide a bunch of helpful tips to ensure your locks stay luscious when you leave their care.
Street View of Flaunt Salon
8. Our four-legged friends should be just as pampered as we are. Posh Puppy Salon is a place for your pup to get the royal treatment. Not only do they make your dog look their best, but they specialize in crate training as well.
Face of a Dog
9. For those with a flair for fare, check out Orangeville’s Winter Farmer’s Market located inside the Town Hall. Fresh, healthy, locally grown food is yours all year round, with convenient indoors location to ensure you don’t freeze.
People Shopping at Winter Farmer’s Market
10. Fancy a night on the town? Theatre Orangeville</strong> is the Broadway you can’t get enough of! With a range of fun live shows playing now in the restored Opera House (second floor of the Town Hall), every weekend will be a delight.
Theatre Orangeville Historic Building
Historic Orangeville will have you coming back for more than just these 10 things to do. Orange you happy you visited? Contact us for more information!

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