5 Asian Restaurants To Try on Christmas Day

Posted : November 4, 2019

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Christmas is coming very quickly, and that means you need to figure out your dinner plans! I don’t know about you, but my mom cooks a mean Christmas dinner, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world! But if you’re going to eat anything other than a home-cooked turkey dinner on Christmas Day, it better be asian cuisine. These are really the only two options… Anything else is just heretical (in my humble opinion).

So to help you be a better person, I’m highlighting several Asian restaurants in York region that will be serving delicious food this Christmas. Get your priorities in order, people.



Known for its authentic Chinese dumplings at a nominal price, Northern Dumpling Kitchen serves both lunch and dinner. Space is limited in the restaurant, so this might not be the spot to bring your entire extended family to… Oh, and be sure to take money out before Christmas Day, though, because this restaurant only takes cash (it’s okay though, your credit cards are probably maxed out anyways).



If you’re looking for a traditional Chinese experience, be sure to check out Cynthia’s Chinese Restaurant. Here, staff dress in traditional Imperial robes and the atmosphere mimics that of the luxurious Forbidden City banquets. Though not confirmed for Christmas Day, you will often find live music starting at 6:30pm to enjoy during your meal. And if you haven’t taken a family Christmas photo yet, you’ll surely find a spot in this beautiful space (I’m looking at you, procrastinators!).



Open for all-day dining, this restaurant is most widely known for its elaborate buffets, which also include some Western dishes for those people in your family that might be a little more on the picky side. Its also got multiple party rooms that can be booked for a more private space, if you have a large family that you’re celebrating with (and/or embarrassed to be seen in public with). Plus, all-you-can-eat means that you can guarantee that sleepy post-dinner vibe, with or without turkey.



This is a questionable addition to the list because when I think of Christmas, I don’t really think of sushi… But it still falls into the “asian cuisine” category so I felt it should be included. Sushi Den Teppanyaki is led by Master Sushi chef Harry Tu and offers all-you-can-eat, regular menu, and teppanyaki (grill side dining). Have you ever been to an teppanyaki restaurant? It is such a cool experience! And if they don’t do the onion choo-choo train, then you probably shouldn’t go back – it’s a teppanyaki staple!

THAI BASIL — Richmond Hill, ON


Boasting more than 100 options on its menu, Thai Basil offers a variety of classic and contemporary dishes from Thailand and South East Asia. The chefs – Prasert and Pin – have over eighteen years of experience including distinguished international hotels and restaurants in Thailand and South East Asia. I’ll admit my bias on this one – I love some good Thai food! They had me at “eighteen years of experience.” Sign me up!

So there you have it! As far as I have been told, all of these restaurants will be open on Christmas Day, but just be sure to call ahead and make sure they have room for your party. I don’t need anyone knocking down my door on Christmas because they couldn’t get their fill of Chinese food! Happy eating, everyone!

Written By: Kristin Pitman

Kristin Pitman is a married 30-year old lifestyle blogger from Toronto, ON. Alongside being a stay-at-home mom to her 2-year old son Mason, Kristin is thrilled that The Delilah Blog – which started as a passion project – is now a growing business. Be sure to check her out on Instagram @thedelilahblog for more on motherhood, fashion, beauty, travel, and more! 

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