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It's summertime and people are eager to get outside and explore all the great things to do in YDH. But don't forget, it's still important to stay close to home while taking the opportunity to explore all the wonderful things to do in your own backyard. Don't know what's in your own backyard? Visit to re-discover some pretty cool activities all over the province while supporting your local businesses and communities.

If you are lucky enough to live in YDH (we are biased), we've got some great ideas for you to get active outside, explore your inner artist, learn something new and celebrate this awesome season...virtually or in-person. Please note that many conservation parks and trails are over capacity, so ensure you pre-book your visit or even better...step off the beaten path and find discover a new terrain to enjoy.

Remember safety is a choice you make and we look forward to seeing all visitors again soon.

Please check with all businesses for updated hours of operation, programming, COVID-19 policies, and restrictions.

At LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre in Vaughan Mills, imaginations can run rampant with the colourful building blocks and endless possibilities for the creative mind. Although you can’t physically visit right now, you can follow along on the LEGOLAND Discover Centre (Toronto) Facebook page for regular “Build at home” events with a master builder.


Master Build tutorials for kids!

You can visit LEGOLAND Discovery Centre’s YouTube Chanel where they have tonnes of video tutorials to choose from. Follow along to build at home with the pieces you already have! Here are a few of our favourites.

Rose tutorial

Clown fish tutorial

Lego frog tutorial

Lego giraffe & panda tutorial

Panda Lego

Facebook Live Tutorials

Build a LEGO Wizard

Build a LEGO Piano

Build a LEGO Grill

Build a LEGO Minilander

Build a LEGO Pirate Ship

Visit the LEGOLAND Discover Centre (Toronto) Facebook page for new tutorials!

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