Durham Escape Rooms Goes Virtual

Posted : September 4, 2021

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Durham Escape Rooms is Durham Region’s Premium Escape Experience. They offer games for birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, get togethers, corporate team building and bonding, special events & mobile escape games. Serving Whitby, Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, Courtice, Clarington, Scarborough, Toronto & beyond! 

Virtual Escape Games

Quest for the Last Dragon Egg

Dragon Egg

This game is designed for KIDS 6-12 years old and is an Online Only game!

You are a grand adventurer who defeats monsters, finds treasure and is a Hero of the land!

You have just finished an Epic quest and return home.

As you enter your home, someone is waiting for you with a new mission!

The Golden Idol

Escape Room

Your eccentric friend, Dr. Mason Warwick, is at it again! You have received a mysterious box from him.

Little did you know that this was going to send you on an adventure of a lifetime!

The Shifty Shifter

Head with Question Mark

You are time travelling detectives and have received a message from your superiors that the time hopping heister, and your arch enemy, known as the Shifty Shifter is at it again!!

He has stolen multiple items from different times that when combined can create a weather changing machine to demand all the money from world governments.

As your arch enemies, you are constantly playing a game of cat and mouse.

The Shifty Shifter has intercepted the transmission for you and has begun teasing you with bread crumbs to see if you can catch him.

Can you solve all his obstacles so you can stop him before he controls the weather?


  • Remember READ THE INSTRUCTIONS IN YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL and also to inspect each puzzle document thoroughly, don’t miss anything.*
  • This game is designed to be played on a Desktop/Laptop. Some functions may not work properly on mobile
  • When Selecting a time, please ignore the start times, you can start as soon as you sign up and you can pick any day.
  • The Golden Idol and Shifty Shifter are $20 plus HST, Quest for The Last Dragon Egg is $15.25 taxes in. So whether you are a family with 1 child or a family with 4, it is still the same.
  • Do not give the password to launch the game to other people.

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