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Get Dirty in YDH

Afraid of a little mud?  Health experts say it’s beneficial.

Are spring mud puddles deterring you from outdoor adventures?  Although not a time to wear white, it is definitely a time to get outdoors and seek new adventures.  If you’ve been stuck inside all winter, now is your chance to get stuck in the mud instead. With winter snows melting to mud and water sweeping down the hillsides, we feel the days growing warmer and smell the subtle fragrances of spring. The land is bursting with energy and this energy is for all of us to enjoy. You may find new bliss as a puddle jumper and feel lucky to get mucky. 

Nature is so unintrusive, it just sits and waits for us to embrace it and then gives back all these wonderful health benefits that we weren’t expecting. Did you know the earth releases antidepressant properties that are referred to as “The New Prozac?” Yes, it’s true, that when you touch the earth your mental health improves. More and more research is confirming the health benefits of spending time in the great outdoors. Some of which include improvement of breathing, circulation, and weight management. Feeling the earth beneath our feet enables us to become grounded which improves our mood, inspires us, and promotes creativity.  This positive energy triggers feelings of satisfaction and revitalization. What’s not to like. All these benefits can help reduce stress which in turn can reduce blood pressure and risk of depression. Imagine all those health benefits for simply being outdoors and having fun. Also, enjoying sunlight causes your body to make Vitamin D, serotonin and melatonin, which help improve immunity, mood and sleep. The healing power of nature is simply exponential. Why not embrace it?

Yes, there will be mud as the snow melts and the spring rains fall. Kids big and small can enjoy the mucky muck. Spring has sprung! What’s not to love, it is a wonderful gift. It’s called soul food. 

Top muddy activities to enjoy in York Durham Headwaters region (YDH)

We have some fantastic recommendations for you. Be it cycling, hiking or horseback riding there is something for everyone in this beautiful region.  Why not come see for yourself just how wonderfully muddy you can get?


Island Lake Conservation

Imagine stunning views, peace and quiet, combined with the challenges of different levels of hikes. There is something for everyone. Go at your own pace and be sure to stop along the way, take a breath and enjoy the flora and fauna. This fabulous outdoor activity is inexpensive, invigorating, and interesting. Such a fun way to explore. For a helpful website of hiking fundamentals check out  Nerd Fitness.

In the YDH region consider these beautiful options;  Monocliffs Provincial Park near Orangeville for an unbelievable look out, Pickering Nautical Village and Waterfront Trail for a lakeside getaway, Island Lake Conservation Area near Orangeville with water, trails and beautiful views. There is also Uxbridge Trail System with over 200km of hiking trails and the Rogers Reservoir Conservation Area  which is part of the Nokiidaa Trail System linking the towns of Aurora, Newmarket and East Gwillimbury.   


Road biking– This is an ideal way to travel in new places. Set the odometer and immerse yourself in the outdoors which will stimulate all your senses. Take in the sites from town to town, making time to stop whenever you so desire. Set out early and enjoy.

Trail biking– Generally flat and quieter areas set off the beaten track. What could be better than the peaceful settings of the trails.  Hop on your bike and become “at one with nature”, go at your own speed, smell the scents, and find yourself among the flora and fauna.

Mountain biking– Up, down and all around, rocks and roots wherever your bound. Take on the challenge, this is where the real mud is, so forget “Tide To Go”, this is gonna be real dirt in the face stuff. Get your work out as you climb to new heights with new challenges.

Fat biking– THE big booty of biking. Basically, it’s a mountain bike frame with four-inch tires. Provides versatility, stability, and cushioning for different terrains.  The shock absorption is easy on the body. Road or trail, the choice is yours.

For a fun biking experience why not try out the Nokiidaa Trail System which connects the towns of Aurora, Newmarket and East Gwillimbury.

If you are new to cycling for leisure but would like to give it a try then check out  Beginner Cycle Tips for some fundamentals to make your journey safe.

Also, if you are in need of equipment check out these local rental shops. Boyd’s Sports– Uxbridge, Exclusive Sport Rentals– Vaughan and Mannsfield Outdoor Centre (rents bikes to ride on their trails and in the winter they rent fat bikes)- Mulmur. Call ahead to avoid last minute disappointment.

Horseback Riding

Pathways Horses Tammy

For the horse enthusiast, there is something for you as well. Unbridle your hesitation and come for some fun. New to riding? Not a problem as there are awesome opportunities for the newbie to saddle up. For a fun filled riding experience you can check out Pathways on Pleasure Valley – Uxbridge and Rawhide Adventures -Mulmur.

So, now is the time to get outside, get active and get a little dirty. We invite you to come and explore the beautiful YDH region and all that is has to offer. We sincerely hope you will have a fun-filled experience be it hiking, cycling, horseback riding or simply strolling along. There is something for everyone here. Let nature rejuvenate your senses, invigorate your body and revive your soul.  You won’t be disappointed!


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