Golfing and Wine Go Hand in Hand

Posted : September 1, 2015

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When the last warm days of summer start to slip away and crisp fall days begin to make their way forward, there are a few classic activities that we all love to take part in. It can be hard to plan weekends combining all your favourite things to do, but take advantage of the fact that golfing and vino go hand in hand in Central Counties!

Archibald’s Winery

This charming winery in Bowmanville is the perfect pre-fall spot to indulge in. Bring the family, keep it to just you and your partner, or come with a bunch of friends! Archibald’s Winery offers everything from pick your own fruit, wine tasting, bike trails, and of course, golf. There’s nothing quite like a great day on the green followed by sampling delicious locally made wines. The selection at Archibald’s is high-quality and unique. When paired with some of their artisan cheeses and fine beef, your day will be complete.

Golfing at Hockley Valley Resort

For the ultimate experience in “golfing and vino go hand in hand in Central Counties”, Hockley Valley Resort is your premier destination. Located in Mono, Ontario (near Orangeville), this stunning resort is the best weekend getaway. The cozy yet sophisticated interior provides you with a taste of luxury, while the greenery and drive out of the city still help you feel like you really are escaping from city life. The 18-hole golf course provides some of the most breathtaking vistas in Ontario, as the architect who designed the space envisioned it to be as natural as possible, with rolling green hills and an untouched feel. A day on the green will soothe your soul, as will the winery afterwards. Adamo Estate Winery was the brainchild of Mario Adamo, as the dream was to mimic the look and feel of an Italian escape. The winery and the property truly escort you into a place of slow food, relaxing days, and full-bodied wines. Spend the weekend at Hockley Valley and it’ll quickly become your favourite weekend getaway.
Your weekend awaits – now that you see how golfing and vino go hand in hand in Central Counties, playing regular golf won’t even be an option anymore. Indulge this autumn, and step up your game with an Ontario glass of wine in hand.

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