Incredible Get Out of Work Early Strategies to Get Outside

Posted : September 16, 2015

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We have all told the little white lie to take a day off here and there. You can admit it; no one will tell. I woke up with a sore throat, or something I ate last night has given me the…… Call them “mental health days” or just plain: “I do NOT want to work today” days.
But what about those days when you do go into work, but by lunchtime you are craving a way to get out. Out as in outside! Out of the office! Away from phones and spreadsheets and emails and coworkers and fluorescent lights and Work. You just want out!
Keep it to yourself, but we will suggest some incredible get out of work early strategies to get outside, and recommend great places to go once you make your getaway.
We have some great escapes in Central Counties.
Strategy #1 My Pet has Died Excuse
Goldie has died.
A recent Central Counties Tourism Facebook post gave everyone a laugh and a great get out of work early excuse. Substitute any name for Goldie the goldfish.
Once you have escaped the blue light of your computer or laptop, you can once again enjoy the natural light that comes from the sun; just remember your sunscreen.
If you are craving some quiet and relaxation, grab your fishing rod and consider these wonderful places for a peaceful weekend fishing expedition.
How about Beaverton Harbour or Fisherman’s Paradise Charters. Consider Lake Scugog or Frenchman’s Bay Marina just to start.
Then check out some other fishing and outdoor recreations areas in the Central Counties.
Strategy #3 The I’m Contagious Excuse
My allergist has diagnosed me with a rare allergic reaction to Fridays. I break out in hives and become contagious if I stay at work beyond 1:15 PM. I am starting to itch so I really should leave right now!
Now that you are free, take advantage of what’s coming up in the month of September in the Central Counties.
Get outside and head to one of the upcoming festivals and fairs in the Central Counties:

  • The UKBA Uptown Keswick Harvest Festival on September 19 with outdoor fun for the whole family.
  • The Fall Forest Festival with arts and crafts and horse drawn wagon rides will be held September 19 in York.
  • If you would prefer biking, join others at the biking party called Mono on a Bike on September 19 and enjoy the rolling hills of Niagara Escarpment.
  • On September 20 visit the 7th Annual Harvest Chili Cook-Off Celebration in Port Perry. This is a not to be missed event.
  • The Belfountain Salamander Festival 2015 will be held on September 26. This free event is in its 20th
  • From September 26 through October 4 join the Pumpkin Pie Trail for a celebration of all things pumpkin throughout the York region.

For all the other upcoming fall festivals and fairs in the Central Counties find them here.
Strategy #3 The Vision Excuse (or the Blue Light Excuse)
My eye doctor just called to tell me that I have spent too much time exposed to the blue light emanating from my laptop this week. He needs to see me immediately or I could go blind. I need to go!
The contagious strategy always works, so don’t waste any time. Fall festivals, chili cook-offs and fairs are a great way to enjoy the outdoors in the central counties during autumn weekends. But if you are looking for a more active way to spend your freedom, go camping, play golf, tennis, or go hiking,

  • Go hiking at Mono Cliffs Provincial Park this fall and escape the digital devices for the day.
  • Bloomington Downs offers an 18-hole golf course plus miniature golf, softball and hardball batting cages, and lessons.
  • If you are looking for a unique weekend adventure, try the Cadogan Farm Adventures. This 250 acre working horse farm includes tennis, trout and bass fishing, riding trails, and even a spa.
  • The Ganaraska Forest Centre with its 11,000 acres of hiking trails, mountain biking, and camping provides outdoor activities for four seasons.

There are really endless ways to spend that “get out of work card” if you are lucky enough to live in the Central Counties. So many incredible strategies; so little time.

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