Does Junior Want to Play Tournament Golf?

Posted : May 14, 2014

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If your son or daughter has expressed some interest in experiencing the world of tournament golf that is outside of your home club environment, but is a little nervous about the level of competition, there are several great regional junior development tours where this can be achieved.
Each of these tours offers grass roots development programming for junior aged players from 10 to 18 years of age. With an emphasis of creating a positive environment where junior golfers can compete and develop their skills under tournament conditions while learning the fundamentals of the rules, etiquette and social behaviours that are the hallmark of this great game.
There are five well organized multi-event tour operators offering single day tournaments in and around the Central Counties. If you reside in Durham look to the Durham Junior Golf Tour which offers a ten event tour (eight 18-hole single day events and two 36-hole events). Entering its 21st season the DJGT generally begins in late May with a qualifying event, two regular events in June and then weekly events through mid August. Also entering its 21st season the BAGS Junior Tour runs events weekly from late May through late August with several of its 18 event rotation located in York and Dufferin counties. The Golf Association of Ontario offers an Under 15 Tour running 4 events using a unique Sableford scoring point system. New to the tour scene is the Junior Simcoe Tour which was born last year to serve those who reside in the York region. Running four events in its inaugural season the tour will expand to 6 events in 2014. If you live in the west end of the Central Counties Shelburne GC is part of the Pepsi/Titleist Tour which competes against Barrie GC, Midland GC, South Muskoka GC, Horseshoe Golf Resort and Shanty Bay GC in a six event interclub series.
Along with individual winners from each event all the tours run an ongoing ‘Fed-ex’ order of merit style point system to crown overall winners in each age category. Based on the results of the order of merit each tour selects a ten person team which goes on to compete in the Ontario Junior Tours Team Championship: The Humber Cup.
The Humber Cup is contested the final week of August each summer. Top male and female junior golfers from across the province representing a collection of 11 regional junior tours from throughout Ontario compete over two days in a Ryder Cup format vying for the title of Ontario Team Champion.
Although these tours are designed to aid the aspiring golfer who wants to complete, they are not for beginners who are picking up the club for the first time. A certain level of competency and base knowledge of the rules is expected and players should already possess a sound grasp of course safety. Contact the tours learn about playing ability standards and membership criteria.
Durham Junior Golf Tour
Year Established: 1992
Region Covered: Durham, Northumberland, Peterborough and Victoria
Tournament Program: 10 events: 8 single round tournaments and 2 two round tournaments. Spring Classic at Myrtle Beach: three 36-hole events.
Membership Criteria: Age 10-18. No residential restrictions.
Web site:
BAGS Junior Tour
Year Established: 1992
Region Covered: Simcoe, Grey, Bruce, Muskoka, Dufferin and the northern portion of York
Tournament Program: 18 events: 13 single round tournaments, 3 round match play showdown, Tournament of Champions day. Host Team Challenge event versus 5 other 12 person teams.
Membership Criteria: Age 10-18. No residential restrictions.
Web site:
Golf Association of Ontario Under 15 Tour
Region Covered: Ontario
Tournament Program: 4 U15 Tournaments using the Stableford scoring point system.
Membership Criteria: Age 11-14. Must be members of the GAO
Web site:
Junior Simcoe Tour
Year Established: 2013
Region Covered: York and surrounding area
Tournament Program: 4 events: 4 single round tournaments.
Membership Criteria: Age 10-18
Web site:
Pepsi/Titleist Junior Tour
Year Established: 1992
Region Covered: Simcoe, Dufferin, Muskoka
Tournament Program: 6 events: 6 single round tournaments in an interclub format.
Membership Criteria: Age 9-18. Qualifying junior members from Shelburne GC, Barrie GC, Midland GC, South Muskoka GC, Horseshoe Golf Resort and Shanty Bay GC.
Web site:
Written by Alistair Orr
Editor/Publisher of On The Tee magazine and Director of Golf for the BAGS Junior Golf Tour.

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