Little Creek Ranch

Posted : September 16, 2014

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If your family is looking for a little escape from the hustle of the city, Little Creek Ranch is the perfect place to visit with your children. This hub of agri-tourism allows the family to join in and take part in a true ranch lifestyle and experience the Ontario countryside first-hand.
Located just five minutes outside of Rosemont in the Hills of Headwaters, the ranch is family-run, providing an intimate learning experience for parents and children alike. While Elaine Capes and her husband – the owners of the camp – run the horsemanship and arts and nature programs in the camp, visiting for a weekend allows for a family ranch experience.
Spend the day leading a truly ranch lifestyle by tending to seasonal work on the farm, such as apple picking, bee tending, harvesting eggs, or feeding the animals. At night, enjoy the campfire and the night sky with your children. Exploring different areas of farm life will allow your children to learn and appreciate living in a simpler time and place away from the city.
Your children can learn to ride and care for horses, and your family can enjoy a new learning experience by choosing to stay overnight to become more intimately acquainted with the Little Creek Ranch way of life.
Children will love helping out on the farm, learning about riding or caring for horses, and feeding the animals. Connect with the community and receive a genuine Ontario countryside experience. Elaine puts an emphasis on community with her ranch. As a city councillor of the town of Mono, she is heavily involved in her own community and loves sharing this aspect of her life with her visitors.

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