Make Your Own Wonderland Funnel Cake


Anyone who has been to Canada’s Wonderland knows that mouth-watering aroma of strawberries, whipped cream and golden dough sprinkled with icing sugar. The delectable scent of warm funnel cake is practically the first thing to be inhaled as you walk through the front gate. Many of us spend our winters dreaming of a mouthful of that chewy, gooey treat that is distinctly Wonderland, and of that long-awaited first taste of the season.

Now, Canada’s Wonderland is offering its famous funnel cake recipe to the public—pared down, of course, since it is made in ginormous batches at the park. With only a few simple ingredients, you can make your very own Canada’s Wonderland funnel cake at home, to tide you over until you can have one made special by the park’s expert bakers. “I tried it myself to prove that I could do it,” Grace recalls. “People have been loving it. It’s exciting to see the pictures that people have been posting of their amazing funnel cakes. These pictures are almost park quality, and everyone has been agreeing that it tastes just like the real thing.”


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