Meet the Animals of YDH: Jason the KuneKune Pig

Posted : January 24, 2022

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If you’ve spent time with us in York Durham Headwaters, then you’ve met the wonderful people who live, work and play here. One of the things we love about our region is all of the wide-open, farm-fresh country we have, and the passionate people who dedicate their hearts and souls to keeping our family farms thriving—which include some pretty awesome animals who call these farms home. In our Meet the Animals of YDH series, we’re excited to introduce you to a few of them and share with you—in their own words!—what it is they do on their farms.

Ontario Honey Creations
Ontario Honey Creations
Ontario Honey Creations

Ontario Honey Creations is one of our family-run farms based in Headwaters, but with working hives all over York Durham Headwaters, and even into the GTA and the Downtown Toronto core. Their sister company, Toronto Bee Rescue, is dedicated to rescuing swarms of essential, hardworking honey bees that would otherwise be killed as pests. But honey is not the only thing you’ll find at Ontario Honey Creations’ wholesome farm. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Jason, a KuneKune pig unlike any other pig you’ve met before!


YDH: Hello Jason. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do at Ontario Honey Creations.

Jason: Hello, good people of YDH. I am the newest addition to the farm, and as you know, I am a KuneKune pig. My breed originates from New Zealand, so if you’re looking for a handsome gentleman with an exotic accent… sorry, I don’t have one. I speak pig. It’s a good thing you do, too, so you understand what I’m saying! I love my job at Ontario Honey Creations—I am the Head of Handsome Relations.

YDH: What are the main responsibilities of the Head of Handsome Relations?

Jason: Well, for one, it is essential that I am generally glorious to behold. I need to be handsome all the time so that my photos on Instagram and Facebook melt your heart. I’m lucky that I’m naturally gifted at this. And there is another important responsibility for the Head of Handsome Relations. That is to… ahem… ensure that we’ve got some piglets on the farm come spring. I’m lucky that I’ve got two KuneKune lady friends that share the duties of this role. More KuneKunes means more happiness, after all (so please consider purchasing your own KuneKune piglet when the time comes).

YDH: Is there anything else you do to help around the farm?

Jason: Oh, I’m a great help to my owners, that’s for sure. Their four kids love me, and even used to walk me around the farm on a leash when I was younger. As an animal for a hobby farm, I’m quite low-maintenance. I don’t really need any supplemental feed like my commercial counterparts. Just put me into a pasture and I’ll be perfectly content grazing away. Plus, because I don’t root like commercial breeds, I don’t cause damage to the ground. Do you have forest on your property? That’s perfect. A KuneKune will eat the underbrush and keep the poisoned ivy and other invasive species at bay. I am an essential component to the maintenance team here at Ontario Honey Creations.

YDH: Tell us about some of your friends on the farm at Ontario Honey Creations

Jason: On our farm, we know how important bees are to the environment and ecology, so naturally they are all our friends. I get along great with the other pigs, the chickens, the dog, and all the animals. But one of my best friends is my owner, Sarah. She is completely obsessed with me, if I do say so myself. When I say obsessed, I am not exaggerating—she literally calls me ‘magical.’ But that’s not surprising, since I’ve got an incredible personality. I am as sweet as the honey that my owners harvest.

YDH: What are some of the things you want our readers to know about you?

Jason: I’m told I have the personality of a dog. I don’t know what that means, since I’m just being myself. But I like dogs, so that has to be a good thing, right? If you like belly rubs, I’m happy to let you give me some. First thing in the morning, please, before I’ve eaten. Let the others satiate their ravenous appetites, I just want a pat on the tum. Or, if you’ll let me, I’ll crawl in your lap and cuddle. I’m only six months old. You can handle 70 pounds squashing your thighs, right?

Want to know more about Jason and Ontario Honey Creations? Visit them online at www.ontariohoneycreations.com for where to purchase their products and how to visit their farm. For information on Toronto Bee Rescue, visit www.torontobeerescue.ca.

Ontario Honey Creations

938343 Airport Rd., Mulmur

Girl and Pig

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