Meet You On The First Tee!

Posted : August 19, 2014

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Golf is a signature sport of summer. It is the perfect opportunity to come together with friends around pin-seeking tee shots, peaceful outdoor backdrops, and tasty post-game dinners in the clubhouse. Ontario’s Central Counties hosts a number of prime golf courses to put away that cell phone and get lost in the serenity of an 18-hole adventure. Whether you are a scratch golfer, or scratching your head after another four putt, there are plenty of courses in Central Counties to share a laugh with friends. Select from award-winning and PGA-inspired golf courses with panoramic views that will make any player fall in love with the sport.

Here are 3 reasons why golf and summer go together perfectly:
1) Wilderness survival
Summer is about conquering the great outdoors. From sand pits and water hazards, to deep roughs and inconveniently placed trees, getting through 18 holes is the ultimate test of wilderness survival. There is no better stamp of been there, done that, then signing off the score card after a solid round. You can admittedly announce you survived the wild after not throwing your nine iron when your ball skipped off two rocks before rolling into a gopher hole. A challenging course can certainly leave you vulnerable to all of nature, but nothing will feel better then surviving until the end.
2) Getting off the grid
People are constantly wired in to their cell phones, laptops, TV’s, and any electronic device that chooses to grab our attention. Summer is about getting off the grid, and golf can take you there. There is no better sound than the birds chirping as a crisp tee shot soars through the air. The courses of Central Counties take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and into a lost paradise of open fairways and inviting greens. A round of golf is a chance to catch up with friends via actual human-to-human interaction – you know, how they used to do it! So get off the grid for a while, unplug, and immerse yourself in the greatness of the game.
3) The Post-Game Food and Drinks
Grab a drink. Order a steak. You deserve it! The post-golf game is a game of indulgence. Kick back in one of the resort clubhouses and reflect on that 10th hole birdie putt, or that 6th hole near eagle from 170 yards out. Even better, it gives you time to plan your next 18!
Shake hands. Round well played. Cheers to the next one.

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