Orangeville Celebrates Old and New at the Fair

Posted : September 6, 2013

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Labour day weekend marks the end of summer for most of us but for Central Counties it marked the beginning of the Fall Fair season. To kick off the season, the Agricultural Society of Orangeville put on its annual Orangeville Fair at its fair grounds.

Walking into the fair grounds I saw lines of old farm tools, small antiques and machinery, including a line of old washing machines that are still working! It was a great display for antique lovers and included old farm tractors, and delivery trucks and plenty of collectors happy to reminisce about the old days!

antique tractors display orangeville fair Antique Washing Machines Orangeville fair

It was impossible not to notice the huge plumes of black smoke coming from the grandstand area of the fair, so I made my way to the sound of the cheering crowds. The announcer was screaming excitedly into the microphone as a 4×4 pick up truck struggled to pull a large flatbed trailer behind it. My very first truck and tractor pull! There was a line of shiny new pick up trucks waiting for their turn to pull the weighted trailer farther than anyone else. Their names were called and they drove their trucks in front of the trailer anxious to get going. Once the trailers were attached to the truck hitch the truck revved up his engine. The announcer gave the driver his signal and the truck started spewing a huge plume of black smoke as it struggled to get the trailer pulled to the end of the run. The crowd cheered and jeered but this driver’s truck fell way too short! A big laugh from the crowd and this driver’s day was clearly over!

Orangeville Fair Truck Pull

After the truck pull I made my way to the busy midway where children were riding fun slides, Ferris wheels and many other popular thrilling rides. There were lots of midway games testing your water gun, bottle ring tossing and balloon popping skills for a chance to win various stuffed animals. Of course no midway or fall fair would be complete without cotton candy, mini doughnuts and ice cream. Just off in front of the midway were the remaining midway fair in the form of a number of food trucks serving burgers, pulled pork sandwiches and other BBQ cuisine.

orangeville fair midway

For those not into the thrills of a fall fair there were also a number of exhibit buildings featuring the agricultural, craft and baking competitions. A full exhibit room displayed all the contest entries and featured the winners in the numerous categories. Rows of jams, baked goods, quilts, flower arrangements and then vegetables and grains were displayed with their winning ribbons.

Orangeville fair quilt competition orangevill fair vegetable competition

In the next building farmers of all ages were displaying their cattle for best in show. I was amazed most by the pee-wee category as I watched this small boy walking his large cow around the ring and then steading her for the judges inspection. One group after another entered the ring to display their best animals as the crowed quietly watched each judging and waited for the announcement of the winners.

Orangeville fair cattle competition

Outside the livestock building was a large outdoor dirt ring where farmers were displaying their best horses and antique wagons. The horses were all dressed up in shiny harnesses and head gear and the farmers were sharply dressed sitting atop their shiny antique wagons. They each circled the ring twice and then lined up for inspection. First, second and third place winners were announced to the clap of the crowd.

Antique horse show Orangeville fair

I really loved the Orangeville Fair. There was a great mix of old world and new world agricultural exhibits and shows. It was a great way to kick off the autumn fair season in Central Counties!

Sharon M is a travel blogger and writer at an online travel blog based in Thornhill, Ontario.

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