A Poem to Get You Through Winter

This article is an oldie but a goodie!

Posted: February 18, 2015

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There is nothing better in the heart of winter than visiting a museum or art gallery and taking in some wonderful artistic creations. To inspire you to head up to Ontario’s Central Counties to check out all the arts and culture it offers, we thought a winter poem was in order. Even in freezing temperatures, the right words spun together always have a way of warming the body and soul!
In Ontario’s Central Counties there lived a young boy
That loved winter so much; the more snow, the more joy.
He played hockey and tobogganed until his fingers went numb,
His mom called him for dinner, but he wouldn’t want to come!
The snowballs he rolled were fit for a king
And the snow forts he built looked like they’d last until spring,
Any winter game that could be played, he had played many times through
But always wondered if there was something else fun to do.
One day his friend suggested they check out a gallery,
“A gallery?” He said, “That doesn’t sound very snowy.”
He went along and was amazed at what was discovered –
A great winter activity had finally been uncovered!
They went to Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery and took an art class,
He painted snowflakes and snowmen and wished the time did not pass,
He never knew arts and crafts could be so much fun –
And the best part of all, his fingers never went numb!
Next weekend they headed up to Pottery Parties Studio,
He seemed to be building quite the artistic portfolio!
As he spun the pottery wheel, his creativity ran free,
His future was bright; he could be anything he wanted to be!
That little boy still played outside, oh that never changed,
But an artistic adventure he would ask his mom to arrange.
Now he had even more fun things to do during the winter freeze,
The opportunities are endless in Ontario’s Central Counties!
So try something new this winter and check out all of the wonderful arts and culture in Ontario’s Central Counties. There are performances happening all the time, classes to get involved in, and art galleries to admire fantastic work. Creativity is a skill that is kept for life and Ontario’s Central Counties will help bring it out in everyone.

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