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What is Forest Bathing? Find out at Treetop Trekking

We make no secret of the fact that Treetop Trekking Stouffville is one of our premier attractions here in York Durham Headwaters. In fact, we love raving about it every chance we get. It’s a great way to spend a day with friends, family and loved ones, immersing yourself in the stunning forest landscape of Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area while challenging yourself both physically and mentally. It’s also no secret that this summer, we’re on a mission: we want you to disconnect to reconnect. Disconnect from the hustle of everyday life and its stresses, and reconnect to what and who you love… whatever and whoever that might be.

Treetop Trekking Stouffville

Well, as it happens, Treetop Trekking is perfect for disconnecting—it’s kind of hard not to, when you think about it. If you’ve been to Treetop Trekking before, then you know all about the thrilling and engaging activities that await for you and your companions. From the zipline and aerial game trek, to team building programs, to Treewalk Village for the kids, and even the Night Treks, discovery kids courses and GPS forest treasure hunts—as they say at Treetop Trekking, “It’s all about fun! Surround yourself in nature while exploring the forest during one of our unforgettable adventure activities. We’ve got something for all ages and abilities.”

Treetop Trekking
Treetop Trekking
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But that’s not all you will find at Treetop Trekking. This summer there is something new. To help you disconnect from the fast-paced hustle of your everyday life and world, you can now experience a unique and brand new activity that is focussed a little more on the reconnecting part: Forest Bathing. Join certified Forest Therapy Guide Brett Sanger, and be led through a series of activities that are designed to help you connect with nature in a way that most people have never experienced. Allow yourself to enjoy the benefits of forest bathing, which include relieving stress, refocussing your attention, balancing your mood, regulating your nervous system, and even reducing symptoms of depression.

How forest bathing works

This is a guided individual practice that is shared by groups of up to 10 participants who walk together throughout the activity. Forest bathing brings you into a state of deep connection with your senses, and invites you to explore contemplative immersion in the sights, sounds, and smells of the forest around you. After each “invitation,” participants will come together in council to share a few words in response to select prompts. “What are you noticing?” for example. Or, “What is alive in you right now?” Reconnecting with nature and community is both the goal and the journey—it is about your individual experiences and sharing them with those around you.

Forest Bathing

At the end of the activity, you and your fellow participants will gather together for a wild tea ceremony. You will sample herbal tea in community—but not just any old herbal tea. This tea is made from local wild plants that have been foraged for this very special occasion. Tea has long been known to promote physical and spiritual wellness, so what better way is there to connect to yourself and to your surroundings by delighting in tea from the land that sustains and nourishes you?

Treetop Trekking proudly showcases the talents of forest bathing guide Brett Sanger. He is a trained and certified Forest Therapy Guide with the Global Institute of Forest Therapy. For over six years, Brett has been intentionally cultivating his mindfulness and nature connection practices, and he has been working with Treetop Trekking since 2019. “We are pleased to help him on his journey to share the practice of forest therapy with as many people as possible,” say the team at Treetop Trekking Stouffville.

Reconnect with forest bathing now

If you want the ultimate experience for disconnecting from life and reconnecting to so much more, this specialty activity is offered to the public on select dates from now to the beginning of August. Or, if you know exactly who you want to disconnect and reconnect with for your forest bathing journey, book a small private session for a group of up to 10 people on a date that works for you. Visit here to learn more and to save your spot for the next forest bathing session with Brett Sanger and Treetop Trekking Stouffville:

Treetop Trekking Stouffville

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