How to Set Up for a Golf Shot

Posted : June 26, 2014

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Addressing your Set Up with Andre Cuerrier at Golf Town

My experience watching thousands of golf swings has me convince me that 90% of poor shots are caused by a poor set up or starting position.  Often, the swing will go off-track because the body is not in proper balance at address.  Once balance is compromised, the club will become harder to control, resulting in increased tension which reduces club head speed and control for good contact.  When you look at PGA, LPGA and Sr. PGA tour players, all start with a proper balanced set up with the lower body supporting the weight of the upper body over the balls of both feet, the spine and head set along the same angle with the arms hanging straight down from the shoulders.

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Do a little doctoring on your set up (starting position) and you will reduce many painful shots!

This post has been brought to you by Andre Cuerrier, Director of Academies and Services at Golf Town.

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