Snow Yoga: Yes, It Does Exist

Posted : January 27, 2020

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If you can believe it, there are people out there who love yoga so much that they would actually do it outdoors in the winter while it’s snowing. Now, I love a good hot yoga session as much as the next girl, but it takes a special kind of yogi to enjoy an outdoor winter yoga class. But maybe you’re reading this and you’re thinking, “Hey, that’s me! I am totally crazy and insane enough to enjoy such a thing like that… But I’ve never heard of it before… Where can I do it?” Well today is your lucky day because I am about to tell you!

Forks of the Credit Inn is a historic landmark in Caledon, ON that offers four beautifully renovated rooms to book a quiet stay in. The building was originally built as a post office, and later became the DewDrop Inn in the late 1800’s. In the early 1900’s it became a general store with a speak-easy during the prohibition period. It has been recently renovated and rejuvenated once again as an Inn and Yoga Retreat Centre. It also offers packages in collaboration with other local businesses such as breweries and restaurants for an all-inclusive fee.

Forks of the Credit Inn
Forks of the Credit Inn

The Princess Warrior Retreat is lead by Lindsay Vandenhurk. “Known for her inspirational teaching style and ability to create a safe and sacred space for students to practice, Lindsay’s classes are a blend of Kripalu/Vinyasa Flow yoga infused with yoga philosophy, technical alignment and her heartfelt humour. Her classes emphasize non-judgmental self-awareness, developing witness consciousness, being present in the moment and the practice of yoga beyond the yoga mat.” The retreat is offered in both winter and spring seasons at Forks of the Credit Inn, and the next retreat is coming up February 21-23. Although promoted as a “yoga retreat,” this fun weekend offers many different activities to its participants including axe throwing, archery, bonfire meditation, snowshoeing, a session with a Shamanic Healer, and more! It also includes a 2-night stay at the inn and all of your meals… And of course, three yoga classes. You can opt for a shared, semi-private, or private room depending on your preference (and budget!)

Yoga Teacher

The snow yoga comes in on the Saturday of the retreat where you will take part in a class on the bridge (again, to reiterate, this is OUTDOORS… in February… in Canada). It’s the first thing you will do when you wake up on Saturday morning, so at the very least you know that hot coffee and tea will be waiting for you at breakfast while you defrost! All jokes aside, I am sure this would be an extremely exhilarating experience. I can feel the crisp winter air in my lungs and the sun shining down on me while I find myself in downward dog (okay, you caught me, that’s the only pose I actually know the name of).

If this is an experience that is calling your name, be sure to get over to the Forks of the Credit Inn website and book your spot ASAP because they are filling up! And remember me, while you do snow yoga on the bridge… take an extra crispy breath and remember coffee isn’t too far away.


Written by: Kristin Pitman

Kristin Pitman is a married 30-year old lifestyle blogger from Toronto, ON. Alongside being a stay-at-home mom to her 2-year old son Mason, Kristin is thrilled that The Delilah Blog – which started as a passion project – is now a growing business. Be sure to check her out on Instagram @thedelilahblog for more on motherhood, fashion, beauty, travel, and more! 

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