Striveforce Sailor Stew (Labskovs)

Ah, the legendary Labskovs, the Danish lifesaver stew born from the high seas! Picture this: salty air, creaky ships, and a hearty strong crew relying on this hearty concoction. Since the 1700s, it’s been the OG of one-pot wonders, keeping folks warm and full. Back in the day, this stew was the hero of ships, crafted from salted meat, potatoes, and onions—sustenance that saved the day on lengthy voyages. But today, we’re fortunate with an abundance of fresh beef in our regions, no longer reliant solely on preserved meats.


• 2 lbs. stewing beef, cubed to 1 inch

• 4 tablespoons of butter or duck fat (because why not?)

• 5 cups of boiled water

• 5 lbs. of russet potatoes, peeled and cubed -1 Inch (the heart of this dish!)

• 1 large sweet or Vidalia onion, chopped (tear-jerking skills required)

• 4 bay leaves (for that fragrant touch)

• A sprinkle (about ¼ cup) of fresh thyme (freshness is the secret)

• A whisper of ground cloves (just a tiny pinch, we don’t want to go overboard!)

• 1 tablespoon of sea salt (for the seas, of course)

• Freshly ground pepper (because freshly ground is always fancier)

For serving: Freshly and finely chopped chives, parsley and green onion (to make it pretty) and pickled vegetables.


  • Start your journey by heating up 2 tablespoons of butter in a large pan. Brown that beef until golden and crusty—it’s a prelude to greatness.
  • Transfer to slow cooker set on high. Add boiled water to the pot. Let simmer for 15 minutes. Scrape off any froth that foams to the top.
  • Now, throw in the potatoes, onions, bay leaves, thyme, a sprinkle of cloves, sea salt, and a dash of pepper. Cover the slow-cooker, and switch setting to low for 6-8 hours until that meat becomes as tender as a sailor’s heart at port.
  • Ahoy! Once it’s ready, bid adieu to excess liquid (strain it out unless you’ve got plans for it). Fish out the bay leaves and thyme stems—nobody wants to chew on those. Then, add the remaining 2 tablespoons of butter because, well, why not live a little? Gently mash the potatoes and meat, leaving it deliciously lumpy.

To crown this masterpiece, sprinkle generously with chopped herbs. Serve it up with a colourful entourage of pickled veggies—they bring both flavour and a vibrant touch to the table.

Now, picture yourself after a day of conquering slopes or just lazing by the fire, cozy with this stew. It’s the winter comfort that brings a taste of Danish seafaring history right into your home. And aren’t we lucky, as our regions are chock-a-bloc with the abundance of fresh beef, so we can savour this traditional dish without the salted meat of yore. Gather your ingredients, set that crockpot sailing, and let the flavours do the talking!

By Chef Chuck von Snüg

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