Enhance Your Weekend With Some Of These Enjoyable Outdoor Activities

Posted : August 30, 2017

Our blog is chock full of great ideas for fun things to see and do in York Durham and Headwaters. We are always adding new content and updating old posts, but sometimes you might stumble upon something from our vault. If this article has inspired you to hit the road, be sure to double-check that the featured stops in this post are still welcoming visitors.

The summer rains have stopped (at least for now!) It’s time to get out on the water and make the most of this summer before winter’s frigid days set in again. York Durham Headwaters (YDH) has plenty of water-inspired adventures just waiting for you to make the most of them.

Need a little help planning your weekend excursion? Take a look at some of the top spots for adventure seekers (in no particular order) YDH has to offer!

1. Whitby Marina

Port Whitby Marina is an excellent place to start your on-water endeavors. Located directly on Lake Ontario, this natural harbour is a prime take-off point when you’re ready to set sail and get your motor going. Whitby Marina is the perfect starting place for anything you want to do on or near the water, including:

  • Sailing
  • Skiing
  • Swimming
  • Eating at the great food establishments around the marina
  • Hiking
  • Picnicking next to incredible vantage points
  • Enjoying weekend photo ops

Make sure you’ve got a few steaks to throw on the natural gas grill when you get back because the Avalon Lounge is the perfect place to further decompress after a long, relaxing day in the summer sun!

2. Port Perry

Port Perry is the perfect spot for thrill-seekers who enjoy adding a little historical value to their getaways. Thanks to a quaint — yet bustling — downtown, Port Perry is the place to be for folks who want to maximize their summer months. Rest assured, there are plenty of watering holes and eateries waiting to welcome you before or after you hit the water.
Don’t let the size of Port Perry fool you! It’s a small town that’s big on servicing water-going adventurers such as yourself!

3. SUP Paddling

Ready to take your fitness focus to new heights? Perhaps you’re already a renowned stand-up paddle boarder looking for a new perspective when you put your practice into place, or maybe you’re just now looking into fun new ways to become more fit. It doesn’t matter because Lake Ontario is filled with opportunities that can help you advance your physical stamina without stepping foot into a gym!
Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP paddling) is great for every aspect of the mind, body, and spirit. Leave the stress of work on the land while you embrace the solitude of water. Work on your abs and arms with paddle board yoga. Clear your thoughts while embracing the beauty that abounds.
That’s what makes SUP paddling awesome. It’s at your service, whenever and however you want to make it work for you!

4. Fishing Trails

What’s a day in the wilderness without a great catch?! YDH offers plenty of opportunities for you to bait-and-switch without being accused of a crime! Any angler would be proud to call these fly-fishing and fish-rearing facilities their weekend home.
Nobody said trails should be left to creatures on land! YDH’s fishing trails provide:

  • Two stocked ponds filled with fish
  • Farm-raised rainbow trout ready to bait you into enjoying a perfect day on the water
  •  Dinner that’ll make your mouth water for days when you come back to land

The thing is, YDH is filled with plenty of opportunities to explore the great outdoors by land, sea, and air. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll happen upon a place that fulfills your taste buds and adrenalin needs, too!
At York Durham Headwaters, we’re firm believers that your adventures start right here! Feel like you’ve been missing out? Plan your road trip today, and don’t look back!

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