The 5 Most Unexpected Things to do while on a Golf Trip

Posted : October 21, 2015

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Whether we like to admit or not, golfing may not be for everyone, despite how much we love it ourselves. So when facing a conundrum of how to go about ensuring you get a golf game in with the family or with friends, things can get tricky. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the 5 most unexpected things to do while on a golf trip – and hey, you might end up skipping the green for some of this too!

  1. Rawhide Adventures
    Orangeville boasts Rawhide Adventures, a fun-filled, real cattle ranch. Working out of Peace Valley Ranch, Rawhide can satisfy your needs for a round of golf, as well as keeping your family and little ones happy. The biggest draw is the horseback riding adventures with some of the best bred horses in Ontario.  Choose from a list of package options including short rides, lessons for those new to the sport, custom outings, hiking and fishing. If you find you’re having too much fun and want to stay on, consider the Range Rider’s Night package – an option that lets you ride, sleep under the stars and have a campfire dinner. A round on the green never sounded so good!
  2. Organic Advocates Feast of Fields
    Spend some time teeing off at Nobleton Lakes Golf Club, and then head over to the Organic Advocates Feast of Fields event happening just down the road. For 25 years, Organic Advocates has been promoting organic agriculture, and with time and dedication, their hard work has begun to pay off – many people are becoming or already are aware of the benefits of organic eating, and many grocery stores carry organic produce. The Feast is a day in the country with some of the best foods prepared some of Ontario’s most renowned chefs. With VQA wines and speciality brews, your day golfing will become an artisanal food experience.
  3. Hockley Valley Resort
    How does golf and relaxation sound? For the one who loves the sport, and for the one who prefers the spa, Hockley Valley Resort has the perfect combination. With a luxurious 8,000 square foot spa, coming in from the outdoors all day has never been more inviting. Choose from an array of massage packages as well as Eastern healing techniques and therapies. Spend the day or choose to stay overnight and find yourselves relaxed and refreshed. The delicious menu using locally sourced ingredients, the ambience, and the greenery are sure to soothe your overworked soul. This unexpected thing to do while on your golf trip will be much appreciated.
  4. Jacklyn Hancock Visual Artist
    If supporting Canadian makers is your thing, check out Jacklyn Hancock’s gallery in Caledon, Ontario. Not too far away is the Mayfield Golf Club where you can spend the morning being active. Head on over to her gallery after lunch to view some moving pieces, and photography of the surrounding region – Jacklyn is a multi-disciplinary artist using painting and photography as her mediums. She obtained a degree in fine art and creative design. There’s nothing like supporting a local artist, and if art isn’t your thing, you may find you’ll learn a thing or two!
  5. Markham Museum
    For a fun-filled family day, head over to Markham Museum to learn about the history of Canada and the current on-going settlement of Canada’s most diverse city. With 20 historic buildings sitting on 25 acres of parkland, the Museum has a bunch of interactive learning and fun activities for those of all ages. Located not too far from the Museum is the Markham Green Golf Club where you can hit a few balls on their 9 hole course. Learn about your city and enjoy the historic Markham Village – now that’s a hole in one!

These 5 most unexpected things to do while on a golf trip will have you and your companions planning more fun-filled day trips. Contact us for more information.

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