Top 10 Reasons to Visit Ontario Farmers’ Markets

Posted : July 7, 2018

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Grab your kids, your family, your friends, and most importantly and your wallet and head for the nearest farmers’ market.

Farm landscape

You may be asking, “why farmers’ markets when we have air-conditioned grocery stores?”

Well, why not? When you visit a farmers’ market, you get the wind on your face and the sun on your skin as you talk with a local farmer about the size and taste of this year’s juicy peaches. You get to sample different varieties, choose your favourite one, and you leave with a bag of farm fresh goodness and fond memories of the farmer. It’s not only fun for you, it’s fun for the everyone involved .

Like the taste of fresh organic peaches? Here are 10 more compelling reasons to visit your local farmers’ market:

​​1. REAL fruits = REAL flavour

Taste real flavours of fruits and vegetables. There is no doubt that locally grown foods just taste better.

2. ​Meet the maker

Meet the farmers who grow your food. Learn when it was picked and how it was grown. Ask for advice on how to prepare it. Passionate about their products, vendors enjoy talking about their products, and the work they put in and like to share their tips for enjoying them.

Farmer Holding Tomatoes

3. Inspiration for your next meal

Visit a vendor to pick up a quick supper for tonight…like perogies and tasty vegetables!

4. ​Cute finds

Looking for a serving bowl? Your next one-of-a-kind vase? Handmade soap for grandma? Find the unique gift you’ve been looking for from the artisans who sell their wares at your local farmers’ market.

Handcrafted Bowls

​5. Homemade pies!

Need I say more?

Homemade Pies

6. ​Community vibes

Connect with the community, meet up with friends, old and new. Chat with locals and visitors as you browse the stalls.

7. Eat seasonally

When you shop at local farmers’ markets, you are eating produce at its peak. That means they are fresh, bursting with flavour and loaded with nutrients.

8. ​Learn about food!

Find out how foods are grown, harvested, and eaten by browsing market stalls and talking to farmers. It’s fun for kids…and grown-ups too!!

9. Support local farmers and your local economy

When shopping at the farmers’ market, you’re helping to keep small farms alive – every penny spent goes straight into the grower’s pocket. So, they can keep producing the fresh bounty you love so much!

10. ​The atmosphere is just plain fun!

You never know what you’ll find at the farmers’ market – maybe this week there will be buskers playing music and next week a kid will be performing magic tricks!

Girl with face painted

Bring your kids to the farmers market….bring home a wild animal! Sometimes, if you’re lucky, face painters can be found at your local market. Bonus!

Curious about shopping at Ontario farmers’ markets? I say: come for the freshness, stay for the peaches and go home with a basket of local pastries!

Fresh Market Peaches

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