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Winterfy Your Favourite Summer Activity

Many dread the chill that comes with winter and choose to hibernate indoors. While there’s no shortage of fantastic indoor adventures to be had in York Durham Headwaters, the winter season has so much to offer! You just might be surprised at how many summer activities have a winter counterpart. All you’ll need is a few more layers to take your winter season to the next level!

It is time to get out and appreciate winter for all that it has to offer.

Summer Hikes = Winter Hikes

That’s right, you can easily hike in the winter months too! All you need is a good pair of boots along with your usual winter attire. We’re so fortunate to have numerous trails throughout York Durham Headwaters including Cold Creek Conservation Area in Nobleton, Terra Cotta Conservation Area in Halton Hills and many more. For a truly unique winter hike, head to Sibbald Point Provincial Park every other Friday and Saturday evening where you can tackle the Maidenhair Fern Trail by torchlight with their Fire and Stars hike!

To make your hike extra fun, enjoy an activity you can only do in the winter and strap on a pair of snowshoes! Embrace your inner dinosaur as you stomp around these top snowshoe trails in YDH.

Winter Hike with Dog

Biking = Fat Biking

That’s right, you can bike even when there’s snow on the ground. If you’ve never given it a try, this is the year to do it! Fat biking is becoming a very popular winter activity as the thicker wheels give added traction, making it perfect for barrelling through the fluffy white stuff.

Head to Island Lake Conservation Area where you can rent a fat bike and give it a try yourself! Enjoy a loop around Island Lake with the Vicki Barron Lakeside Trail which is perfect for both beginners and experienced riders.

Fishing = Ice Fishing

One of the quintessential winter activities, ice fishing is a great way to get outdoors during the winter months. Plus how many people can say they’ve cast a line at the ice fishing capital of Canada? That’s right, Lake Simcoe is our country’s ice fishing hotspot so plan a trip to see what’s nibbling!

Since it’s such a popular winter activity, there are a number of options for ice fishing on Lake Simcoe. First, head to Beaverton where you can rent everything you need from either Floyd Hales Fish Huts or Mitchell’s Fish Huts including bait, tackle, fishing licenses and more! Another great option if you find yourself in Georgina is Snake Island Fish Huts which are known for snagging perch and pike. Hank Heyink Fish Huts also offers rentals in the Georgina area.

Want to enjoy some ice fishing during a weekend getaway? The Briars Resort and Spa has everything you need for the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation!

Tubing = Snow Tubing

We all know how much fun tubing is in the summer and if you haven’t tried snow tubing yet, you’ll want to change that by heading to Lakeridge Ski Resort in Uxbridge or The ROC in Georgina! Feel the rush as you zip along in a tube solo or grab a group of friends and tackle the hills together in a chain. With numerous runs side by side, you can even race to see who makes it to the end the fastest!


Trampolining = Winter Trampolining

Now this one may come as a surprise to you. Many of us kids both big and small have enjoyed plenty of hours on a trampoline during those long summer days, but did you know you can get in your dose of trampolining all year round? It’s true thanks to Upla in Stouffville!

This isn’t your average trampoline experience though as you explore an interconnected world of nets and trampolines suspended high in the tree canopy! With plenty of slides, ramps and forested pathways, you can bounce until your heart’s content in this wild world between the ground and the tress.

The Zoo = The Zoo

Whether it’s the season of snow or sunshine, the animals of Jungle Cat World are happy to welcome you all year round. Dress warmly as you say hello to cougars, tigers, snow leopards and more, many of whom have been rescued or are on the threat of extinction. Take your visit to the next level with a behind the scenes experience as Jungle Cat World’s staff introduce you to three of the animals under their care.

Camping = Winter Glamping

Who says the camping season ends as the temperatures drop? Winter glamping is where it’s at and there are a variety of unique glamping experiences to enjoy across York Durham Headwaters! Taking camping to the next level, each of these destinations has everything you need for a warm and cozy winter getaway.

Nestled in the scenic hills of Caldon, Alabaster Acres has frontier-style tents that are decked to the nines with everything you may need during your stay. Snuggle into their heated king beds as you listen to the wood stove crackling away to keep you cozy all night long.

Alabaster Acres

If you’d prefer a more concrete structure, the Elliott Tree Farm in Erin has two fantastic options with their Settler’s Log Cabin as you’re surrounded by five acres of forest as well as their rustic beach house with tranquil pond views.

Over at Sunderland’s Villa Vida Loca, you can live your best tiny home life with an overnight stay at  La Cabaña in the Woods! Enjoy the peace and quiet of the property’s woodlands for a relaxing winter getaway. Plus you can pick up plenty of eats and treats from their farm store!

Located on the stunning Scugog Island, Birchwood is a private luxury globe camping experience for two. Enjoy a cozy and relaxing getaway immersed in nature and when you are ready to join the real world again, Port Perry’s main street filled with beautiful shops and restaurant is just minutes away.

See what we mean? There is so much snowprise to be savoured across the York, Durham and Headwaters Region. Of course, you can always pop into a cozy cafe or pub when you need a break from the cold or round out your day of fun in the snow with these unique winter patios across YDH.

Not sure what we mean by snowprise? It’s our word here in York Durham Headwaters to capture the joy of embracing everything winter. We have a few ideologies like this which you can learn about in our guide to Snuug-Flaking ! Or better yet, plan a visit and see for yourself what it’s all about.

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