How To Keep The Kids Busy In Summer: Family Trips in Ontario

Posted : July 8, 2015

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Every family deserves some time off from the routine of daily life to go out and enjoy each other’s company while having fun in the sun. Luckily, Ontario offers a myriad of activities for the adventurous family right in our own backyard.
We’ve outlined a few examples of great getwaways that can prove educational and entertaining for parents and children alike. After these trips, you can go home, hopefully with some new skills learned in the process.

Area51 Laser Tag – Dodge and Duck With Your Family

Area51 Laser Tag is a division of Planet Play, a venue that caters to families and children of all ages. There’s something for everyone here, whether it be the laser tag arenas for both casual and hardcore players or a 2000-square foot indoor playground for kids in between games.
Area51 offers multiple game modes to ensure that your family won’t be playing the same match over and over again. You have the traditional death match, free for all, and capture the flag game types, Area51 also changes it up by offering more intricate modes such as stealth and sniper modes. These various game types will help you teach your kids how to work together to accomplish an objective and have a ton of fun in the process.
Visit their site for more details.

The Georgina Arts Center – Family Trips in Ontario Can Be Educational

It’s never too early to introduce the kids to the world of art. The Georgina Arts Center is a spacious art gallery with a variety of exhibits for you and your family to admire.
You can start with the main exhibition hall, with nearly sixty feet of artwork space to enjoy. The exhibitions in the main hall generally last for about five to six weeks, meaning there should be new and updated artwork for you if you decide to pay it another visit a few months down the road.
If the kids want something a bit more geared towards them, the KidzArt gallery showcases art in a museum setting from actual children that participate in the Arts Center’s programs and classes. Your children could even be the next artists featured there!
Visit their site for more details.

Petits Chefs Academy – Whip Up Some Treats With The Little Ones

The Petits Chefs Academy is a cooking school designed specifically for children and families. Here, your children can learn how to make the treats they love so much when their parents make them.
Not only will your children learn an extremely practical skill here, but they will also learn early the value of nutritious living. Even if you child doesn’t enjoy eating vegetables, they may gain a whole new appreciation for healthy cuisine by having an active role in the preparation process. Let your children become more aware of their health, and learn a great skill while doing it!
Visit their site for more details. Visit our directory for more ideas for family trips in Ontario!

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