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Posted : October 21, 2014

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Ontario’s Central Counties is the spot for art lovers to come embrace culture, celebrate creativity, and appreciate originality. Open up your mind by checking out one of the fantastic galleries Ontario’s Central Counties has to offer. There is so much to gain from experiencing art and culture and everyone takes away something different. Dive right in and see where it will take you.

Artistic creations that will leave you in awe
They’re bold and beautiful and inspiring and raw,
For veteran art lovers and beginners no less
Left delighted by the end you’ll have to confess.

Watch light move and paintbrushes dash
And sculptures stare and exhibits flash,
Much to look at it and even to touch
On to the next one it’s never too much.

Showcasing our country at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection
Guaranteed to inspire a homeland connection,
Contemporary pieces highlighting our love
Of the country and culture CANADA is characteristic of

The Alton Mills Arts Centre, built from spirit and will
Has been magically transformed from an old stone mill,
The works of jewellers and sculptures and fashion designers too
The hardest decision is which piece to take home with you.

This building’s modernist style is a visual spectacle
Commendable, exceptional, The RMG is nothing but respectable,
Perfect architecture to house the current artwork inside
Your jaw will drop, hair will raise, eyes have never opened so wide.

So come on out and bring the whole family
There are activities and workshops and always more to see,
Pick up that paintbrush, lose yourself, feel bliss
Let art take you away because life is your canvas.

So what are you waiting for? Ontario’s Central Counties has all the art and culture you need. Activities and workshops are always available to get the family involved in some artwork of their own. Teach the kids to love the arts and it will open their mind forever.

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