Top 8 Things to Do in Historic Georgina

Posted : February 2, 2016

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Venturing outside the Greater Toronto Area for a break from the city and to discover more of Ontario is a great weekend activity. Head out to Georgina and find the bustling downtown High Street. Here are the top 8 things to do in historic Georgina, Ontario.
1. There’s nothing like a general store to help you get into the charm of a historical small town. The Sutton General Store has been a part of the town’s history since the 1920s, and is still operational today, with a range of everyday items to choose from (re-enactment actors not included with your purchase).

2. Really get into the historical feel of Georgina with a visit to the Sutton Apothecary. This full service pharmacy first opened its doors in 1876, and has since been providing the town of Sutton with all their medicinal needs and potions.

3. You’re bound to find unique gifts at Village Traditions. Located on High Street, this shop has been around since 1876 and has a great selection of local gift items and as well as arts and crafts supplies. With this and the Apothecary, you’ll really be stepping into Georgina’s time capsule.

4. Java lovers will have a great time in Elaine’s Black River Coffee. With some delicious butter tarts to go with your beverage, take your coffee outside and sit in their hidden garden. Touted as being a hidden gem, Black River Coffee really encapsulates the charm of Georgina.

5. The beautiful High Street will have you in a romantic, vintage mood. Stop into Idalias Creations and grab a fresh bouquet of flowers – either for yourself, your home, or for a loved one. They’ll be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

6. Some greasy grub and deep fried goodness goes a long way in restoring the spirit (what happens in Georgina, stays in Georgina). Papa Luigi Pizza and Fish and Chips on High Street will redefine finger-licking good. Try it out and be the judge yourself.

7. The Mansion House Restaurant and Bar is a fun place to grab a beer or two while in Georgina. Friendly staff, great food and relaxed atmosphere are the 3 things that make any pub perfect for a pick-me-up.

8. The Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery is perfect for art lovers. With exhibitions, art classes, presentations, and shows, you’ll end up spending the day here. Visit their gift shop and support local businesses and artists when you purchase a unique gift.

Georgina is sure to delight you with the quaintness of the High Street and proximity to the beautiful blue lake. Check out these top 8 things to do in historic Georgina this weekend! Contact us for more information.

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