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Posted : December 19, 2021

Our blog is chock full of great ideas for fun things to see and do in York Durham and Headwaters. We are always adding new content and updating old posts, but sometimes you might stumble upon something from our vault. If this article has inspired you to hit the road, be sure to double-check that the featured stops in this post are still welcoming visitors.

Sharon Temple National Historic Site and Museum

Sharon Temple

The Temple is an open-air museum. It was built between 1825 and 1832 in Ontario Canada by a sect led by a former Quaker David Wilson. There is also a smaller building that is David Wilson’s Study. The site was designated a National Historic Site in Canada in 1990. There are eight buildings on the property. The acoustics in the temple are designed so you can hear music and sermons perfectly from any point in the building. Constructed almost entirely of wood sound resonates perfectly through the building. The temple is located a thirty minute drive north of Toronto.

Pickering Museum Village

Pickering Museum Village

Think History is boring? Think again! At Pickering Museum Village, the largest living history museum in Durham, you’ll discover 19 heritage buildings, including a blacksmith’s shop, general store, school house, temperance hotel and chapel.

While you can’t visit in person at the moment, you can take a virtual tour and view their online collections.

Pickering Museum Village

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Pickering Museum

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Museum of Dufferin

Museum of Dufferin

At the Museum of Dufferin (MoD) you will find an eclectic mix of exhibits and special events as well as a collection of over 10,000 artifacts relating to Dufferin County and the people who were born, lived in or contributed to the region. Highlights include a collection over 200 historic quilts, the W. J. Hughes Corn Flower Glass collection as well as paintings, textiles, toys, agricultural tools, sports equipment and objects related to local businesses and institutions.

As we are patiently awaiting the reopening of museums, we can take advantage of technology and visit virtually. Explore online exhibitions and stories that celebrate local history as well as access online lesson plans and learning materials. Make suggestions, contribute to museum projects and share your creations.

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Take a leisurely drive to discover the natural beauty, stunning views and history of Dufferin County. Their driving tours include overviews of historical buildings, points-of-interest and stories of founding families.

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